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How did you know your sleeve was leaking.

Recent experience an attack and fell on my stomach. I am 33 days post op. I feel weak and have some uncomfortable soreness on the left side of my stomach. I can hold down water but vomited up puréed ch

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Have my sleeve surgery scheduled for 31st. Aunt had a rny almost 30 years ago and said I should get a medical support belt. I asked my surgeon and he said it’s not needed. What is everyone’s experience with or without them.

Quil wrote Do you recommend a medical support belt post surgery? 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Hello all. I have my sleeve surgery for the 31st. An aunt of mine had the baby rny 30 years ago and said to get a medical support belt but my surgeon  says I don't need it. What is your experience,...

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Hello. I am new here found this while googling questions about bariatric surgery. History - I am already seeing a surgeon and nutritionist, I am hoping to get the sleeve. I have done all the requirements to qualify for the surgery except one. Lose 40lb

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