April 2004

I am 29 years old, married for 11 years with four children ages 11, 8, 6 and 3. I am four and a half weeks post surgery. My heighest weight ever was in January of this year at 318 lbs. On the day of surgery my weight was 299 lbs. My weight loss today is 29 lbs. I have done very well since surgery. The hardest thing is eating slow. I am feeling very tired but the kids contribute to that. I have gone to my support group the last couple of weeks and have found that to be very helpful. I am so thankful to be here! It took me over a year to get approved for surgery. I never was actually denied, the insurance company just kept asking me to consult with various doctors first. Sometimes I can hardly believe it's happened. Surgery went very well for me. I have had other surgeries and have always recovered very well so I wasn't surprised. I'm looking forward to eating regular food because liquids and purees are getting really old! I've tried chicken a few times but it's the only thing that makes me throw up.


I just have to say that I went to a party last night and my skirt was too loose on me. I also ended up wearing a smaller top than I thought I could wear. It really felt good! This was the first time I've noticed the weight loss. Very exciting!!


I am overwhelmed by reading others profiles. People who are farther in the journey. I feel like I'm reading about me and I am so hopeful that I will have the same success. I am a little over 5 weeks out and my weight has been the same for the past 3 weeks. I think maybe my scale is broken. I am encouraged by reading so many posts about there being a plateau at this stage in the game so I'm not completely devastated. I think I'm going to buy a new scale though.


Six weeks out and I weigh 267.5 lbs. today. That makes my loss since surgery 31.5 pounds. I took my scale back to the store and traded it for a digital one. The other one was broken, I wasn't just being obsessive. It's so weird for me to be telling the world how much I weigh. That is usually a closely guarded secret that I didn't even want my doctor to see. My husband and I went on a marriage retreat this past weekend. We had a great time. On Saturday night they served roast beef (which was terrible!!!) I had a couple of bites and I think I didn't chew it enough and it got stuck. I threw up about 6 times that night. My body really wanted to get rid of it. Finally that stuck feeling went away hours later. It was awful!! I have to remember to chew, chew, and chew some more.


Well, the scale is finally moving! Today I weighed 264. That means 3 1/2 pounds in 2 days! Yesterday I went on a Field Trip with my son's class to Knott's Berry Farm. At one point we were going to ride the Jaguar roller coaster and I almost panicked. You see last summer at the same park I got on their new roller coaster and was told to get off, that I was too big to ride it. I was mortified!! That had never happened to me before. It was awful and I will never forget it! Back to yesterday, while I have been losing weight since surgery I wasn't sure if I am small enough yet. Luckily, the ride closed down from technical difficulties before we got on. I was relieved! Also, I met someone new at my church who did not know about my surgery and she told me I looked smaller. That meant so much because my friends and family make comments on me looking smaller but since they know about the surgery I expect that they are looking for it. This person wasn't looking for it so it must be noticible! WooHoo! Confession: I think I may have replaced my compulsive eating with the OH Message Boards! Oh well, I guess that's not too bad!! I am so appreciative of this site!


7 1/2 weeks out and the scale has stalled once again. I've been up and down the same pound all week. I thought that I would try increasing how many times I eat a day. I don't think it's helping because I feel like I'm eating constantly and I can't stop. I need a "do-over". I sometimes get so afraid that this will not work for me. I want it to soooo bad! I still can't really get into my smaller clothes. They will button but are too uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. My daughter also got lice which has been such a pain to deal with. Oh well, life's not fair!


Well the weight is coming off slowly but surely. This morning I weighed 261. That makes my loss since surgery -38 lbs. That also makes my bmi under 40. I'm no longer morbidly obese!!! Yay! I'm going to a couple of support meetings with OH members and am looking forward to meeting some of you guys! I also have an angelette now. Her name is Lisa Baldwin. I sure wish I had known about this site before my surgery. I've learned so much! Things are going well for me. This weekend I'm going on a women's retreat with my church. Pray for me that I will eat S L O W !! and chew, chew, chew!! Thank you to all of you for who you are! You are a gift to me and I'm inspired by each of you!


My weight today is 257 which is a loss of 42 lbs since surgery. I am very happy with that. On the down side my hair is definately falling out. I had been hoping that maybe, just maybe, I would be one of the "lucky" ones who that didn't happen to. Oh well, it will grow back! Right? The school year is winding down for my children and I am happy/sad about that. We do have some fun plans for the summer so hopefully it will be good. I just hope I can fit into my size 18 capri's soon. I am going to the OH Group in Long Beach on Saturday June 5. I'm so looking forward to meeting some of the people I have come to know and love on the CA Message Boards. There have been a lot of happenings lately and I've had to miss all of them! I hope more will be planned! Well, I'm off to get ready for church! Until next time!


Happy Memorial Day! I felt like I should share about my history. My parents basically divorced when I was five. My father was and is an alcoholic. My older brother is 5 1/2 yrs. older. He experimented sexually with me when I was 5, this was abuse to me. My mother had to work during all this time and I became a latch key kid at 8 yrs. old. I began to emotionally eat back then. I was lonely. At that time my mom couldn't deal with her emotions very well either and she was abusive, physically and emotionally. When I was 10 my mom remarried and they had 2 more children together. I adore my little brother and sister but this was hard on me. I really felt like an outsider. I became sexually promiscuous at 14 and began drinking socially. When I was 15 I got pregnant, during the pregnancy I gained 100 lbs. Now weight had always been a little bit of a struggle, my mom had me on diets, etc. However I had never had a serious problem. That pregnancy changed that. I gave the baby up for adoption because I wanted to give her the best chance at a good life. I know that it wasn't me at the time. This is when the serious yo-yo dieting began. Through the grief of losing this child my boyfriend and I grew closer together. Two years later we were pregnant again but this time we were older and wanted to get married. So I was married all through my senior year of high school and had my son 6 wks before I graduated. We had three more children and with each pregnancy and in between my weight went down and up. I've tried it all! Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Metabolife, Hydroxycut, Weigh Down Workshop, Meridia, Slim Fast, etc. Three years ago my youngest son was born with a rare neurological syndrome. We were told that he would die. He didn't come home until he was 3 months old and when he did, it was with lots of equipment, monitors and a home health nurse. Because of this I lost my job. Just before my son was born I had to take over responsibility of caring for my grandmother who had Alzheimer's. Right before my son came home from the hospital I found out that my husband had been struggling with a sexual addiction for our whole marriage that had progressed to the point of being unfaithful. We also then went to trial for a car accident my husband had been in two years prior and lost. I felt like I was drowning! But, I fought my way through all of it! At this point I was at my highest weight ever. I committed to my husband to fight for our marriage if he did his part too and we entered counseling. He joined a support/accountability group. I joined Compulsive Eaters Anonymous. I lost the most weight I had ever lost, 66 lbs. I got down to 204 which was the lowest I had been since before my oldest son was born. My marriage was healing and there was finally hope there that I had never seen before. You see I had settled for what I thought marriage must be but once there was complete honesty between us I could see a marriage that I had only dreamed of. Then I fell apart. I kind of think that maybe I held so strong through the really tough times that once everything was okay I was able to lose it. I not only gained back the 66 lbs within a few months, I gained much more weight for an all time high of 318 last December/January. I sank into a deep depression and was put on medication. I had two friends who had recently had this surgery and I had been watching them. I decided that I had to do it. It took me over a year to get approval as I've described below. I lost almost 20 lbs. right before surgery I think because I was so relieved that my life was going to change. So that's my past. The good, the bad and the ugly. I'm sure I will add more depth as my journey continues.


A quick update, as of this morning I am 254 lbs. That is a weight loss of 45 lbs since surgery and 65 since January. I also got a new hair do. I will update my picture soon with that. I look very different and it feels good! I'm starting to feel attractive again. I keep catching my reflection and thinking, "who's that?"


Well I am now 250 lbs. I have 100 lbs to go til I'm at goal. I've lost 49 lbs. since surgery, add that to the 20 right before WLS and that's a total of 69 lbs. Can I get a Woooo Hooooo? I was also able to button my size 18 capri's. However, I have a big roll of fat sitting on top of them so maybe next week my tummy will do some shrinking and I will be able to wear them. Kids are officially on summer break. I have already had a couple of the Mommy, I'm bored's. Oh No! I hope that isn't a sign of things to come! I am having so much fun here with you guys in the California chat room! I can't wait to meet ya'll face to face! In fact I think I'll head that way now!


Happy 4th of July everyone! I wanted to update. My weight is now 241. I can wear my size 18's. I'm feeling normal. I still have a ways to go but I can see the light. My eating has become so much easier. It seems my pouch has relaxed for about the last month. I'm not spending as much time throwing up. This is a good thing. I even ate some beef at a bbq yesterday. This California board is so awesome and I so appreciate the love and support that I receive here. Thank you to all of you!


Okay, I figured it was time for another update. My weight is now at 235. That is minus 64 lbs. since surgery plus the 19 before equals a total of -83. I've never lost that much in the same effort before. I'm still in size 18. They are just more comfortable. My bmi is 35.7. Mostly things are going really good. I've made wonderful friends on this board. My husband and I have been struggling though because he is feeling very jealous and insecure. I don't know what else to do about that but keep reassuring him. I know this is normal but it is hard too. If it gets much worse we will have to start counseling. So far we've been able to talk about it and through it. I don't know, it's frustrating! So that's my reality for now.


Okay, so today I have the blues! I posted about it on the CA Board and I was overwhelmed by the response of encouragement. Thank you so much! The scale has stalled again and my dh and I are arguing a lot! So it's not a good day. Hopefully my next post will be a good one!


Well, I had been at a plateau for about 2 weeks so I decided with others on this site to commit to getting in 60 g. protien and 64 oz. water each day. Well for the past week I've lost 5 lbs! Yippee! So I weigh 229 for a loss of 89 lbs.! I'm getting close to the century club! I'm also just obese according to the bmi calculator! Not Super, Severely, or Morbidly! Next thing I know I'll be just overweight and then *gasp* normal? Could it be? I sure hope so! I'll have to wait and see! Anyway, I'm so thankful for this opportunity!


So the weight is coming off slowly again. I'd like to get back to the fast drop. That was fun! My weight today is 227. I started a picture trail with my before pics. If you wanna see them click on my www link at the top of this page. I can hardly believe that was me. 9 more lbs. to the century club!


As of today I weigh 225. 7 more lbs. to the century club! I dug out my before pics. All I can say is WOW! I really have come a long way! If you want to see them click up in the www. section at the top and look on my picture trail. I would like to find out how to add them directly in my profile, maybe someday!


It's official! I'm now a member of the Century Club! As of this morning I weigh 218 lbs. which is an exact 100 lbs. lost so far! I can hardly believe it! This month's been a slower one but I'm so glad to have accomplished this goal! Now I need to lose 19 more lbs. to be under 200! Wow! I can only imagine! I'm so happy! Last weekend I drove up to the Nor Cal Get Together with Keri Z, Evie and Norma. We stayed at Danni's and had so much fun! I've made so many new heart friends! It almost makes me want to move up there! You guys rock! Okay, I almost didn't add this, but, this weekend I drank Goldschlagger at the get together. All I have to say is this stuff is evil! If you are reading this and thinking about drinking this stuff, DON'T!!! Run, don't walk, the other direction. I am embarrassed and will never, never drink that again! However, I puked so much, it helped me with losing 3 lbs to get to the Century Club. Never again! *shudder!*


Well, I figure it's time for an update. I'm now at 212 lbs. that is a loss of 106! I have 62 more to go to get to my goal of 150. I'm wearing snug 16's, size 18's are too big! It's like a dream! I love this site and the wonderful friends I have made here! I have struggled my whole life with feeling like I didn't belong anywhere. Even in my family! I feel like I finally belong somewhere! That I fit it here! You guys understand me in a way that no one else ever has! I am so grateful! I'm really looking forward to the Los Angeles Convention and seeing everyone again! I've been working alot lately and the kids just went back to school so I'm getting used to the new way of life. It's so much more busier! I'm out and active! Wooo Hoooo! A year ago, I was a hermit who hid in her house! It's fun but can be overwhelming! I wouldn't trade it for anything!


Well today I weigh 206. I was hoping to hit 200 by the end of this month but it most likely won't happen. I've had a crazy busy last couple of weeks. It's really getting to me. I am really feeling the blues yesterday and today. I'm very grumpy and I've got the nobody loves me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms syndrome. My insecurities are right in my face. I admit I have eaten inappropriately too. I try to make "good" choices, but I am eating out of emotions not to get fuel. This is not good. I can't even post on the boards cuz I just don't have it in me. So I figured I'd talk here. This is just for me right? Nobody reads it! Okay, I guess some people do. LOL! I had my 6 mo. check up last week and I'm doin great! They even said I was ahead of schedule in my weight loss! I was so glad to hear that cuz in the beginning they said my loss was on the slow side. So I guess I caught up and made up for lost time. I can't wait to weigh under 200. I'm so close and it seems to take so long when I'm close to a goal like that. Okay well, pray for me that I get out of this funk!


Whoops! I didn't realize it had been so long since I last updated! I've been working soooo much! I don't like it! Today is my 7 month anniversary since surgery. My weight is now 198! I'm in the onederfuls! YAY!!! It has been one of my big goals to be under 200 lbs. I'm so happy to finally be here! My total weight loss so far is 120 lbs. Next week is Obesity Help's National Convention in Los Angeles. I'm so excited to be going! I've made such wonderful friends here and I'm also so excited to meet people who I know on the boards but don't know in person! I'm hoping to hit 195 by the end of this week. That is only 3 more pounds! When I hit 195 my bmi will just be overweight instead of obese! That is my next mini goal! Oh! Also, I'm wearing some size 14's!!!!


Wow! What can I say? The Convention was awesome! I had so much fun! My hubby went with me and that was great. I'm so addicted to you people and can't wait to see you all again! I did a lot of dancing this weekend. I haven't danced since high school! It felt so good! My weight is now 196. I didn't hit my goal but I was close. My weight loss was a lot less this past month than it has been. I hope that doesn't mean that it's slowing down! I guess even if it is as long as it keeps going down than I'm still happy! My bmi is now in the Overweight range. No more Obese for me! Normal here I come! There are pics on my picture trail from the convention. Just click on the www link at the top of this page!


Happy day after Thanksgiving!! I did it! I made it through! I ate a little of everything that I wanted to eat and I even lost 2 lbs.! Must of been all that back and forth helping set the table and stuff! I am so grateful for this surgery giving me my life back! This year I have sooooooooo much to be thankful for! My weight loss has slowed down on average but I'm still going down about 8-10 lbs. per month the last few months. My weight this morning was 189! I'm now in the 180's!! I'm wearing size 14's and some snug 12's. This is a weight I have not seen for about 13 years! I am having quite a bit of skin issues! I was hoping not to but it looks like plastic surgery is in my future! I need it all! Total Body Lift! Arms, boobs, tummy, thighs, butt, etc.!! Hopefully I can get some insurance coverage! It feels so good to go shopping and actually like the way I look in clothes! This is a phenomenon to me! Even though I hoped I'd get this far! It's so hard to believe! I truly am so grateful!


Life is SO busy! I wish I was independantly wealthy. I'm so broke and I'm so worried about Christmas for the kids. We have not started shopping and have nothing to start shopping with. We are 2 months behind on our mortgage and all money has to go towards that or we lose the house. I need some business! My weight is now 184. WoW!! I'm wearing 14's and some 12's. I'm so grateful for this surgery. I keep saying that don't I? However, this has not been easy. My marriage is really struggling through this. On a good note, I have a new angelette, Julie Banuelos. She just got approved and is waiting for her surgery date. Yay Julie!


Well Christmas sucked! I ate all the wrong things! Life has been really stressful. Two of my kids were unhappy about their christmas presents, or lack there of. I gave up what I wanted SO BAD (which was a digital camera) because we can't afford it and my dad gave my mom one! I felt like a little kid watching her open that! I wanted to run screaming and crying from the room, throw myself on my bed and kick and scream! It was actually very painful! I feel like such a dork for feeling the way I do. I cried Christmas morning after my kids reactions. I was so sad! I had gone down to 181 lbs. but I've gained weight and was up to 186 but this morning I was 183. I'm wearing size 12 though. So I have gone down in size a little. I have to get control of my eating. It's got to be emotional because I'm so stressed! Hubby and I talked about selling the house today. I don't want to. I'm so afraid we are going to go into foreclosure though. Our mortgage is sick of us paying late. We are currently 2 months behind. I feel like if that happens where will we go? Our credit sucks now. Nobody will rent to us and would we be able to find something big enough? I can't work a "normal" job with how sick our youngest is. He's sick right now too. That means he's on oxygen, etc. Always on the verge of going to the hospital. Our nurse who cares for him hasn't showed up for 2 weeks too. The agency can't find a replacement because of the holidays. I would have lost my job by now. Sometimes I feel so hopeless about our finances! I'm so sick of it! I'm having really bad tooth pain but can't go to the dentist because we owe them money too. Life pretty much sucks right now. I'm not sure if I'm done having my pity party yet. I guess you'll have to wait for the next post to find out. Right now I'm sick of even talking about it anymore. It's making me even more depressed. I think I'll go cry....


I have to confess... I've turned into a lurker. The last few weeks have been rough for me and I've been having a pity party on a daily basis. However, I have never been away from these boards! I just can't stay away. The weird thing is the prospect of tomorrow being a new year has suddenly made me hopeful. I know.... it's such a cliche! Did I spell that right? I've never really felt this way as a new year is starting. I also feel kind of bad complaining about 2004 because for the most part it's been awesome! I had my surgery in March and have met all of you wonderful people! I'm feeling so good and looking good too! I have so much hope for the future! However, this journey has also been very hard on my marriage. I have made dear friends and lost them too quickly. I'm still struggling with so much insecurity. I wonder if I even matter to anyone. I feel like I am so needy of friendship. I still feel so lonely most of the time. I'm also realizing that I still have major problems even after the weight is almost gone! The weight has been my focus for soooo long! There is so much that was underneath it all. But.... it's a new year. Things will change. I'm changing for the better! You guys inspire me and I thank you for being you! Thank you for caring about me! There are many too that are missing from the board and I miss you SOOO much! It really makes me sad not to see you! Please come back soon!!! Here's to 2005! You guys rock! 2005 is going to be the best year EVER!!!



I went to the IE lunch yesterday at Red Lobster. I had a great time! I got to go shopping with my friends too! It feels so good to go shopping and just buy something knowing it will look just fine. My weight loss has really slowed down. That's okay, as long as it continues in a downward course! I now weigh 177. I have lost 141 lbs. I have 27 more lbs. to go til my goal weight. I'm wearing size 12 and mostly medium tops. I asked for a substantial raise at work and didn't get it. That sucked. I'm so tired of not having any money. It is so stressful! My husband was part of the so cal grocery strike last year which is a big part of what's put us in this financial position. He's heard a rumour that they are supposed to reimburse back pay during the strike to all employees by the end of this month. I don't believe it, but it would help us so much! I get so worried that we are going to lose our house and then what will we do? Hubby and I are still really struggling too. We need to go to counseling but it's expensive and the money is just not there. Uggghh! It really gets me down so I try not to dwell on it. This board is what gets me through the day. I love so many people here. I scheduled an appt. to consult with a plastic surgeon at the end of the month regarding all my extra skin. Not that I can do anything about it yet. I figured it's a good idea to find out what we will be looking at. Plus the consult is free!


I'm so excited that February is here! First of all because my birthday is this month (on the 20th, mark your calendars!) I'm turning 30! Goodbye 20's! It feels like a big one, you know? I'm also so excited because of the cruise that many of us are going on! I've never been on one and I'm so excited to go! This is something I never imagined doing before!!! Wooo Hooo! I'm excited to party with my OH friends and spend time alone with hubby! No Kids!!!!! Also my plateau was busted with a bang! I lost 5 lbs in the last 4 days!! I now weigh 172! Hopefully other things in my life will work out soon too! Also, just to update, consult with plastic surgeon did not happen. I took 2 hrs off work, drove to Beverly Hills, paid $1.50 for every 15 minutes of parking just to find out that Dr. K wasn't there and they didn't know when he would arrive. There were 3 patients waiting already, one since 10:30 and it was 1:30 at that time. I had to leave because my babysitting for the kids was only so long! So, huge bummer on that one! I was really mad! Don't know if I'll go back to him. The next consult I could get wasn't until April. You'd think I'd get some priority after that fiasco! Oh well!!


Well, February is almost over! What a month! I'm now 30 and had a great Birthday. The cruise was awesome! I'm hooked now! I want to go on another one SO BAD!! I'm 11 mos. post op and down exactly 150 lbs. I weigh 168, 4 lbs. lost this month. I have 18 to go. I'm also wearing size 10's on the bottom and medium's on the top. We are still in a financial crisis and I'm just taking it day by day. I picked up some extra work so I hope that will really help. I just really need to sell a couple houses! I'm really struggling with the rejection part. I know I'm a good Realtor, I don't understand it. Anyway, my eating's been pretty good. I'm still losing. Gonna hit goal someday soon!! Yay!!


I am so honored! I've been chosen as person of the week on the California Board! Everyone has said such nice things about me! It really feels good! Thank you so much! You guys have become my best friends!! I've met people on this board that are true to my heart!! I love you guys!! My weight loss has slowed down quite a bit. Everytime I have a lull I panic thinking is this it? So right now I'm in a lull. But you know what? I'm gonna hit goal someday soon! I'm so pleased with how far I've come! I'm looking at my 1 yr. anniversary on the 22nd. I've been thinking about the roller coaster this last year has been. Here I am 1 yr. later, it's almost like it was a dream! I never imagined I would be this far! So, here I sit at 167 lbs. I haven't been this weight since I was 15 yrs. old. I never imagined I would say I've lost 151 lbs.!! Wow!! Now I need a waterfall of money so I can get some plastic surgery! The hanging skin is very upsetting! I had no idea it would be this way. However, I'd take it over the fat anyday! At least I look good in clothes!! LOL! But it would be nice to be able to wear shorts.


Happy 1 yr. Anniversary To ME!!! I just had to share and toot my own horn!! Today is my 1 yr. anniversary!! I am so grateful for this past year and all that has happened! 1 yr. ago I remember wondering where would I be in a year? Would I have lost 100 lbs. yet? What would I look like? I had no idea how wonderfully difficult this year would be!! I have exceeded my own expectations! I'm so grateful to have found this site and made the friends that I have made! I've spent my entire life feeling alone! And while I still struggle with that, there are people here who know me better than anyone ever has and that is such a gift!! I've been lucky enough to not have any sort of complication since surgery. I had trouble with meat and did a lot of throwing up the foamies in the first few months but all that has been gone for a long time. In fact, I tolerate pretty much everything! I kind of hoped I'd have a little more limitations to keep me in check. My weight loss to date is 152 lbs. I started in a very tight, stretched out size 28 or 3x and am now wearing size 10, some size 8's, and Mediums!! I am still losing very slowly and have 2 lbs. until my bmi is normal! I have 16 lbs. til I reach my goal! Now I need to find someone who would like to invest in my plastic surgery because boy do I need it!!! Anyone with money burning a hole in their pocket? Thank you for all the support, love and most of all, fun!!


Still plugging along.... I now weigh 163. My bmi is Normal!! I would like to lose another 13 lbs. to reach my goal weight of 150. I'm wearing size 8's. Life, for the most part, is good. Still struggling with money, etc. But everyone's healthy and we will overcome this!!


Sorry it's been awhile since I've updated. This is the first month I have not lost any weight. My weight has stayed the same. I do have 12 lbs. til goal but actually if my skin problems were taken care of, I'd be happy at the size I am now. I'm wearing size 8 and weigh 162. I have a consult with a plastic surgeon next week. I also have a new angelette, Lori C. who is a dear friend of mine! I'm so excited for her! This has been a rough, crazy month! A lot has been going on. A friend I made here had her surgery on my 1 yr. anniversary date. She had a lot of health problems going into the surgery. Well, the day after she was doing great but her heart just stopped. I don't know if the surgery was too much stress or if it was just a coincidence. She tried to hang in there and was in a coma until this past Wednesday. Her heart stopped again and she went home to the Lord! My heart is broken for her family and I will miss her greatly! However, I rejoice that she is free! Free of her body that gave her so much trouble! We had not been friends for very long but she made a big impact in my life! I will never forget her! I dedicate my journey to Teri Lynn! Let me never take this gift for granted!


What a month! We tried to sell our house to buy a bigger one, but it wasn't mean to be. I've continued losing weight and am now at 156 lbs. My dear friend Laurie Y. has asked me to be a co-maid of honor with Julie in her wedding next year! I'm so honored! I've never really been in a wedding before much less a maid of honor! We went to the spa at Glen Ivy and I walked around in public in just my bathing suit! I never thought that would ever happen! My body is very loose, I have a lot of hanging skin and no more boobs but I just chose to not let it ruin my fun! It was wonderful! My 4 yr. old son Luke ended up in the hospital last week and we were there for 4 days! It was terrible! We still don't know what was the cause of his problems and I will have to pursue it with his specialist. I'm exhausted!! So anyway, this is my abbreviated update!


Time flies when you're having fun!! Summer is here and I'm keeping busy trying to keep the kiddo's busy! We went for our annual camping trip at San Clemente right after school let out. That was a really great time! It was so different for me. I actually enjoyed sitting on the beach each day in my bathing suit. I got a tan! It was wonderful! My newest angelette and dear friend Lori C. had her surgery on the 5th. She is doing awesome and I'm so happy for her! All of my angelette's are doing fabulously! My niece has been here for the last couple of weeks visiting and this past week my brother, sis-in-law and nephew came as well. I've been spending any and all free time with them at my mom's house. I've also cut back on my working hours. It's been nice! My weight has been bouncing between 153-155. My goal is 150 and I need to buckle down so I can get there. I kind of feel like I'm already at goal and have loosened my eating choices. I am scheduled for round 1 of plastic surgery. September 2 is my day. I will be having a fully extended tummy tuck and breast implants with a slight lift on one side. I have chosen to self pay with Dr. Kent in Orange. For the past year I've been checking out other people's work and how it looks, their incisions, results, etc. Dr. Kent's have been the most impressive by far in my opinion. My insurance did approve a consult with their plastic surgeon but first of all, I was not comfortable with him and second, was not impressed by his results. Plus he told me that he seriously doubted insurance would pay and if they did, it would only be for a panniculectomy. Then I would have to have the surgery at Long Beach Memorial and they charge so much that my portion would still probably be just as much as self paying. So that's when I decided it was in my best interest to self pay with the surgeon I was most comfortable with. We took out a second until we can refi in October. It really isn't as expensive as I thought it was going to be either. The second round of plastic surgery will be a thigh lift and hopefully they will lift my butt too. I need to make this step to complete my journey. My head is still not catching up to the way I look. I'm wearing size 8's and medium. When I catch my reflection, I'm so shocked at how small I am. But then when I look in the mirror naked I see this gross, wrinkly, hanging skin! It makes me look fat. I want it GONE!!!


My weight is basically the same. I weigh 154. I really am happy where I am but since 150 has been my goal number, I'd really like to hit it. Two weeks from today I will begin my reconstructive phase. I'm so, so excited!! I also found out a couple of weeks ago that my youngest son is scheduled for surgery on Sept. 16. This is something we've been waiting for since he was born but actively seeking authorization since April. I don't want to change it. I think I will be fine by then but I know my family is worried. I'm scared/excited about his surgery. This will give him more of a normal life and will give him a chance at being more healthy. September's going to be a big month!! My husband and I are still really struggling and it's been bad the last week. I'm so tired of this. I wish he could be more confident in himself. I still have a little fight in me for our marriage. I'm not giving up yet! So, that's the latest update.


I just had a wonderful weekend! I got to spend Friday night and Saturday morning with good friends!! Saturday night my hubby and I went to a 50th Birthday Ball for our good friends! What fun!! I felt like a princess. My husband's mission this weekend was to bless me and he sure did!! I'm having round 1 of reconstructive surgery on the 2nd which is THIS Friday!!! I'm really excited but nervous about the pain part! I had my pre-op appt. last Thursday where we finalized what procedures I'm having done. I will be having a fully extended (hip to hip) tummy tuck and breast lift on both breast with silicone implants. The size will be a full C. I'm very happy with this and we also discussed my thigh and butt lift in the future. My surgeon wants to wait about 4 mos. before we do that. My son's surgery has been postponed until October. I'm kind of glad because then there will not be so much pressure on me so soon after my surgery. So, my next update should be post op. Pray for me that I will be complication free and have minimal pain and swelling. If you see me, ask me about the funny story about my before pics!! LOL!!!


Surgery went great!! I got in big trouble though from Dr. Kent because I was anemic and had not been taking my iron. I did not know I was anemic. But he was upset with me because it is something I'm supposed to be taking. Surgery went excellent! I woke up great and have felt great ever since. I haven't had much pain, mostly soreness as if I did a gazillion sit-ups and bench presses. I've been very alert as well, in fact too alert. I have not slept for longer than 1/2 hour since surgery. It's been 3 days. I hope I sleep tonight. I have 2 drains that don't really bother me and my breasts look amazing! I get to see my tummy tomorrow when Dr. Kent changes my bandages. I'm so excited! My hubby and kids have been great about taking care of me too. Thank you to my friends here who have sent me messages and phone calls of support and love!


Still doing great! I've lost my swelling weight and currently weigh 152 lbs. I've even gone down a size to a 6!! My tummy and breasts look amazing! I'm so happy with the work Dr. Kent did. I can't wait to do my thighs and butt so that I will be complete! My marriage is going better and I just adore the friends that I have! Job is ok, would like some business!! I'm getting to where I don't trust anyone so I'm not working at it. I don't know what to do about that except to keep at it! My eating has been a bit out of control lately but I'm trying to get a handle on it. It gets so much harder this far post op and I'm terrified of gaining any weight! Once again all my clothes are big and I'm loving shopping!!


GOAL!!!! Today I hit my goal weight! I'm SOOO excited and happy! I now weigh 150! My bmi is 22.8 and in the normal range. I'm so grateful for this surgery, this website and having my life back! I'm healthy and feel like me again! I've made the most awesome friends here and I'm such a lucky woman! I feel like I won the lottery!


My weight has continued to inch down to 148. Very cool! Funny thing, all of a sudden, I'm getting responses to my driver's license. I never had anyone say anything until a couple weeks ago and now I can't write a check without the person making some comment. I've also received a fabulous job offer! I'm really excited about it but it means I have to postpone my next round of plastics. This is an opportunity that doesn't come around often so I have to take it. It will also be in a new office and it will be weird to work with people who didn't know me before. They will think I've always been skinny.


I guess it's time for an update. My weight has hit an all time low of 145. I'm solidly in smalls and a size 6 and even wearing some 4's. Except in Juniors, I wear a Medium and I can't wear Junior pants. They are just not cut for a woman who's given birth to 5 babies and lost 178 lbs. with a butt and thighs that look like a sharpei!! I've started my new job and really like it. I bought a new car and we are looking at starting remodeling our house as soon as possible. What a difference a year makes!! I had to put off my next round of plastics because of the new job but that is okay, it will happen when it's supposed to. Christmas was good but practically my whole family got the flu, even me!! I've spent the past 4 days in bed. You can only watch so many episodes of Law & Order so here I am, updating my profile. I updated my family picture at the bottom of this page to compare to two years ago. We take one every year at church. Here's to 2005 and I hope 2006 is even better!! It sure is starting out that way!!



My 2 Year Surgiversary!! 2 years ago today I had this life changing surgery. I'm so grateful for it and for this site. You all have been my family, friends and support over the last 2 years. I could not have made it through without you!! I started at 318 lbs. wearing a very tight, stretched out size 28 and 3X because I refused to buy bigger clothes. I currently am at a normal weight range, 5 lbs. above my personal goal of 150 but I'll get back down there soon! I wear size 6, and small/medium depending on the cut. Besides the obvious physical changes, I have confidence and self esteem that I never had before. I am also lucky enough to not have had any complications. Would I have this surgery again? Hell yes!! Thank you to everyone for your support and love!



Yesterday was my 3 year Surgiversary. My weight has hung this last year from 155 to 160. It freaked me out at first but I think it's just normal and I'm still happy in my clothes. Currently I'm going through more issues with my marriage and I'm down to 149 but I don't think it will stay there once I'm not completely stressed out. I have had one complication from wls and that's anemia. It seems that I just don't absorb the iron supplements so I will have to have iron infusions for the rest of my life. That's ok, I can deal with that. Otherwise, I have confidence I've never had before, friends I adore and a decent life otherwise. This board is invaluable!! I've also had the pleasure of being an angel again recently to two very very special women (Shelley & Wendy, LOVE you!!)



Yesterday was my 4 year Surgiversary. I totally forgot but this morning had a very nice email congratulating me from ObesityHelp. The past year has been one that I will never forget. A lot of loss went on for me this year. Loss of my Father, my home, my marriage.... I am now a divorced woman. It's been very difficult. I don't know if my marriage is considered a wls statistic but I do believe that WLS gave me the strength to stand up for myself and say I don't deserve this anymore. My weight this past year hit a low again of 145 but currently is at a high of 163, I've allowed bad habits back in my life and I'm still an emotional eater. It's scary to be up, but I am working on making the changes I need to make and continue to be a wls success. I still lurk on the boards on almost a daily basis. I long to continue my reconstructive surgery and have the excess skin on my thighs and back/butt removed. But I don't know if that will ever happen due to finances and job issues. I am happier in this new life, new beginnings. WLS is the best thing I ever did!



5 years post op. I can't figure out how to format the font here to match the prior. Oh well. Back to the subject at hand. I'm doing well. Playing with that same 5 lbs. but no gain from the past year. I've discovered new ways to be active. New ways to deal with life. It's all good. Still one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. I have a life now and it's glorious! I continue to stay involved in support but not as active as I used to be. No dramatic changes in the past year. Same clothes are fitting, etc. Still want to have more reconstructive surgery done but have no idea when or how. I'll update probably next year.



6 years post op. Still one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. Still want to have more reconstructive surgery done but have no idea when or how. I've had some gain and am up to 175.



7 years post op. Wow! It's been quite a year! It's getting harder and harder. I eat normally now. I've gained a significant amount of weight back and notice that most of my WLS friends have also had significant gain. My weight had reached 190 but I'm working on getting it down and am currently in the low 180's. I want to get back to 160 at least but it is hard, hard work! I've spent the last year in love and have had some major life changes, moving to Central California, leaving my company, and being completely happy! I'm so excited for my future once again. The only frustrating event is the continued battle with my weight. I'm mad at myself and fooled myself into thinking it would never be a struggle again after having WLS. 190 is far better than 318 but the greatest fear at this point is when will the gain stop? I can't let it continue... but I said that at 170 and 180. I'm scared!



9+ years post op. Currently struggling with my self image and thought I'd take a look back at my journey and update where I'm at. My weight fluctuates between 180-190 depending on my diet struggle. I really want to get back to 150-160 but keep losing my way. However, it was good to read my journey again and see that my re-gain hasn't continued as bad as I feared. I'm remarried to an incredible man! I had a beautiful wedding April of 2012 and felt like a beautiful bride! My kids are growing into wonderful adults, the boys are 19, 15 & 12 and my daughter is 17. I remain in contact with many of my WLS friends. In fact it's because of one of these friends that I met my husband. I am grateful for this community, this life changing event, all the bad and all the good.


I'm an Angel!



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