16 weeks post op

Feb 07, 2009

I have lost 25% of my body weight!!!!  1/4 of my former (hope never to be again) self.  That translates into 79 pounds gone in 16 weeks.  I can now very comfortably and loosely fit into my 22's.  I haven't mustered the courage to try my 20s, but I will soon.  I do have a new pair of size 50 pants (austrian size 50-U.S. size 20).  They fit!  and I did wear them the other day.  Everyone I work with is blown away 'Wahnsinn!' is the word for me.  I must say, that feels awfully nice.  Even the children I teach have noticed and told me 'I look thin' or 'pretty'  which is very sweet coming from 8 and 9 year olds!

I have found a wonderful therapist to work with on my food issues which are still a major concern.  I'm only eathing 3 meals on good days.  I'm so often nauseaus that I can't make myself eat.  I finally found a European site to order Syntax wey protein from and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.  That will help.  In the mean time, I'm pushing through.  I've completed 10 sessions with physical therapy and will continue with another 10.  I will, in the meantime, try to carry on with my home exercises and start each new day that I'll be able to eat better.

Hope any and all who read this are well!! 
God bless,


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