My story is not unlike many others and my struggle to be a normal weight for my entire life.  I can recall specific weight numbers from as early as 4th grade, prom, wedding etc, etc.  I am a 39 year old women with one child and a wonderful, supportive husband. I have struggled with weight, many factors getting the better of Italian heritage, my Mom the food pusher, my love of food and entertaining, having a child  and being so darn short.  Even my surgeon told me that "I was that heavy, I was just really, really short ."  I am uncomfortable all the time, embarrassed about my weight and my health is starting to suffer.  This past January I decided to make my self a promise that I would lose 40 lbs by my 40th birthday.  Not a huge goal considering that my birthday is in January and I had one whole year to accomplish this.  Not a bad plan in theory.  I started Atkins (agian!!!) and stuck to it for 3 weeks, no cheats and only lost 3 lbs, plus exercised at well.  The exercise (ice skating with my daughter ) landed me flat on my back and in physical therapy for 6 weeks.  So much for that.  I decided to persue Bariatric surgery.  I am schdeduled on Monday August 11th, 2008 and am so exicted to have this new lease on life. 
 I'm doin a happy dance!!!!!!!!

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