GOSH....Waiting is so hard!

Oct 25, 2012

Well, my advocate did not have my Nutrition visit listed so I had to have one more appt since my last blog...but now it is OFFICIALLY REVIEW TIME!!!  We have double and triple checked my file, clearances, etc and it has been submitted it to Aetna for surgery approval this week.  I was told it could take up to 30 days...

That being said....all this waiting is driving me crazy!  I never realized how much I was missing out on before but now that I can see a better future...I am ready and tired of waiting!   I want to begin my new life ASAP!  I have so so many plans that I want to put in motion...

1. Learn Transcendental Meditation.  I will take a class in Dec.  I think it will be a great asset to assist with my recovery and keep me focused on my new life goals.

2. Rid my life of all the unnecessary baggage.. time to let go of so much clutter...beginning with my soon to be too big 5X clothes.

3. Become a bicyclist...can't wait to feel the wind in my face again!

4. Move with my love to the Pacific Northwest.  Once I am on a healthy track, I believe my confidence will grow enabling me to take the chances this fat girl has always been too scared to take.

I am so ready to live my life to the fullest...praying I have a surgery date SOON!!! 


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