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Aug 14, 2011


So lots of changes since my last post. My surgery was denied by Kaiser and it took all I had in me to write an awesome appeal letter. Well, the appeal was denied because I guess I never had bariatric coverage, go figure! Now, moving on to today, I have moved my family to Tijuana, Mexico in June. We have made progress and so far we have our own apartment, a vehicle and some furniture. Oh, I forgot to tell you that my mother who has major mental health issues also has Alzheimer's and moved with us. Yes, talk about stress! So I am busy looking for work as is my husband but there isn't anything. The weather is so beautiful, Mostly 72-76 degrees out and sunny. We have our own palm tree out of our window, too cool. This is a big change from rainy Oregon where I have spent the last 40 years. I am really struggling to find a gym or a pool to work out. I found one in San Diego but the early morning hours make it so hard when you have to add in border crossing time, some times 45 min or even 3 hours. I am making all of our food from scratch and we are eating very healthy. The good news is that I am maintaining and I think it is time to start journaling my food intake and get to the pool at least once a week. I tried to attend a TOPS meeting for support but it was so much work and the group wasn't run very well. I don't have a scales but weigh in at the Dr.'s office once a month. Anyone in Southern California? I am looking for a workout buddy.



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