HI, I'm a new member in this page, I have severe obesity. Recently I turned 20 years old.

  Really I speak Spanish, I'm sorry so much for the bad redaction.

  Be fat it's so difficult for a girl of my age, at school I was the fattest person.
 I have suffered discrimination,
depression, bad health, and consequently a bad life. I'm too young to lead a sad life, so with help of my doctors
and my parents finally i decide take a surgery for change my life. 

  My initial weight was 230 lbs and I should lose 80 lbs, but i hope to have 133 lbs approx  :)

  I admire all the cases that I have seen this page, all these people have been so strong.  :')  

I would be so grateful if you can help me in this difficult process that I'm starting, you could tell me your
experiences, an advise, a tip or just a word of hope.
Thank you so much :*

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