Almost 5 years since RNY

Aug 12, 2016

Highest weight: 258- Surgery Date: 09/28/2011 Age: 47 Height: 5'2.5

Lowest weight: 135- Date: 11/2012

Current weight: 164- Date: 8/12/2016- Age: 52

New Goal weight: 150 

Today is the day that I will get back on track. I cannot get back to where I was. I'm not where I want to be. But Thank God I'm not where I was. 

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100 pounds lost

Aug 17, 2012


The Dress

Jul 22, 2012

Today was the first time in years that I put on a dress and wore it in public. I was so nervous the whole time I was afraid. Not sure why I was afraid. But I was. I guess from years of being teased as a young child. My legs has never been something I wanted to show off. As I got ready this morning before Church I told my husband you know I will self conscience all day  he looked at me and said, Wear it and Own it because you look great. I can't wait to add more dresses to my wardrobe. What's bad is that after losing 100 pounds I still feel fat. Looking at the Church Service and seeing myself on the video I still see my flaws and consider myself as fat. When will I see the good? 

Last few pounds

May 07, 2012

Why is it coming off so slow now? I'm thinking if I do this or do that It will come off faster. No matter what I do its still taking so long. Its frustrating. I should be happy because I have lost so much already. I would like to change my goal weight. Maybe if I hit the goal I will. Everyone keeps telling me I have lost enough but when I look at pictures of myself I still see FAT!  I was wearing a size 22 just 7 months ago now I'm wearing a size 12. Unbelievable! Maybe the stress I've been under is the culprit, The loss of my Mother and my daughter graduating from High School next week, I've been planning her party and of course the expense of getting her a new car and paying for her college. Continuing to Giving God all the Glory! 


Apr 16, 2012

 I just don't understand when I go shopping for clothes I always go straight to the Women's Clothing. And I always grab the largest size in the Ladies department. Honestly I don't like the styles in the Ladies Departments. It seems like its more for young adults. I take my daughter with me when I really need to find something quick because it takes me forever to pick out clothes. I never had that issue. Before i bought whatever would fit me. As of today I am wearing a Medium shirt and my size 14 pants only stay on with a belt. I buy only a couple shirts and one pair of dress pants. I wear my sweat pants that has a tie around the waist to wear for every day. I never thought I would be wearing those sizes again. I will never regret having this surgery. Giving God all the Glory! 


Mar 06, 2012

A week ago I received that phone call that I didn't want to get in the middle of the night. The call from my Father telling me that my Mother had passed away. It was at 3:38 a.m. Thursday March 1st. She has been so sick for so very long. I thought I had prepared myself for this day.  But there is nothing in the world that can prepare you for the death of someone that you love so very much. She has been suffering from C.O.P.D. those of you out there that smoke I want to beg you please stop before its too late. She struggled to breathe so bad. Having to be there watching her suffer was the hardest thing. Now having to console my Father that has been with her for 52 years and for the last 3 years taking care of her. Waiting on her hand and foot the last year and a half. She was the rock that held us together. Seeing my Father broken is killing us. My Lord God did wake me at 2:27 A.M. That morning and all I could do is say Thank you Jesus, when I answered the phone at 3:38 he said she is gone. All i could say is I know. He (Jesus) took her out of her pain and suffering. Please keep us in your prayers. Pray for Strength for us. Thank you!


Dec 15, 2011

its official I now weigh 199.2 Hallelujah. I thought I would never see the one hundreds again. Thanking God for His Grace and for making each step of this journey with me.  

6 weeks post op

Nov 10, 2011

had my 6 week check up today. So far I've lost 35 pounds. Wish it was more. But happy I lost and didn't gain. Usually about now I would have given up on the diet and had gained all I had lost back PLUS. Today I went out for the first time and walked around the subdivision. I was actually able to walk the full mile. And I was walking fast. I hope to keep doing this 3 or 4 times a week. I feel so much better with out the three 10pound sacks of potatoes and 5 pound bag of Sugar holding me down.  My protein levels and vitamin B was very low. So Now I have to make myself drink those nasty protein drinks. Lord Help Me!
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Doctor's appointment

Oct 04, 2011

Post Op appointment was yesterday. Doctor says everything looked good. Only problem I am not getting in enough liquids. I am very weak and try my hardest to get all the liquids in but has only gotten up to 30 ounces a day on a good day. I started my protein shakes yesterday and O M G I thought I was in heaven. It was so good. Compared to jello, and crystal lite. Took me two hours to drink 11 ounces of it though. A total of 23 pounds lost and I am so ready to get it all off. Giving God all the Glory.  

Feeling Great

Oct 01, 2011

I've been home for a couple days now. The surgery went very good. And now being home is great. Food is not bothering me at all. I owe it to listening to the Doctor's orders before Surgery and of Course my Lord for watching over me. I got through all the growling pains way before surgery. Now I can happily sip on my broth, Popsicles, water and jello with no problem while the rest of the family eat whatever. My pouch fills up very fast. I am very anxious to attend Church tomorrow morning.  Thanking God for no complications and continuing to take care of me during this journey.

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