Thankful for a few wow moments...

Apr 22, 2009

I want to lose weight slowly, been noticing a LOT of women that lose it fast have to have tummy tucks, etc. I'm going slowly but surely and thankful for the journey.  All other attempts at losing weight have caused _great_ frustration because I wasn't losing enough-fast enough. God has surely opened my eyes to the PROCESS.

Today in the car, I noticed I can see the seat between my legs (ummm...ok...knee area, not leg area). Don't know how long it's been, but QUITE some time!  My seats in PERFECT condition cuz it's always been "totally" covered!!! 

Haven't eaten a burritto in a few months, today scraped out the meat/cheese/beans out of the middle & called it a day.  The wrap was bigger than a dinner plate and I balled it up just to see how it looked - I got grossed out thinking how it would be sitting on my stomach - like a huge, slimey snowball.  No, it's not the healthiest choice but it worked today.    It's actually NICE not to have a stuffed feeling. I take a few bites & I'm done.

GNC vitamins are really good - the ones for Active women. 

Whenever I have a few spare minutes, I grab my weights and get to working these arms.  The kids are joining me at the pool, walking outside, on the elliptical and eating healthy!  I did so many lunging-laps at the pool that I scraped the skin off of the bottom of both big toes.  Still doing my  3lb weights to and from work in the car. OhhhOhhh..and another thing, I actually felt my arm muscle moving the other day when I had my arms crossed!  (Arm crossing was not an option before - still not so easy if you're 316 & 46DDD).  Hallelujah, thank you Jesus!!!

One of my daughter noticed that my legs look "different" to her - I "currently" have the bumpy/lumpy/old-lady legs with meat-chunks smackin together in between.   Another of my daugthers said "Mamma, yo hills on yo back are shrinking" - then she said I used to be THIS big (arms stretched as far as possible) but now I'm this big (arms a little closer together). I gave her a hug & kiss & wanted to cry.

I'm really looking forward to "slow & steady wins the race" - I only weight on Sunday mornings - 300 even!!!!!!!!!  Whoop-whoop!!!!!  I feel great after only 16 lbs down, my goal is 195 but not been that size since....birth?!?! 


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