My journey

Jul 25, 2007

My name is Sim White. I have been morbidly obese for almost 10 years now. I was very thin as a baby and did not put on any extra weight until age 10.  I am looking into WLS and have decided the best one for me due to my eating style is to have the RNY ( laprascopic).  

This past spring, 
I could not put my seatbelt on the airplane as it would not fit and when I stood up suddenly as another traveler tried to squeeze by me, my knee popped and I was in major pain. I was off work for several days and had to walk with a limp for a while as I could not put any weight on my right side. Getting up and down stairs is so painful and putting on socks or taking a shower is very difficult. This is one of the first of many physical symptoms of being morbidly obese. 

Well that gave me a real wake up call as I am now more determined than ever to get WLS. I don't want to wait years for the WLS so I am looking at my options to go out of country to the US- Washington or go to Montreal and self pay.

 As I finally decided to see a family doctor about my weight, most of them were not too keen on weight loss surgery and did not know that much about it. One doctor told me to forget about and lose weight by eating less and exercising. Don't you think I tried that many times already? 

Finally I got a doctor who was supportive and encouraged me to go for the WLS. He helped me in my journey and signed my referral to be sent to Dr. Amson in Victoria in July 2005.

 While I waited for Dr. Amson's office to call me, I started to do research and read books, joining forums, go to support meetings, etc and then I found out about a new WLS surgeon named Dr. Meneghetti who was at VGH and he had 3 other surgeons who were training to do the WLS as well. So I called his office and got a consult within a few weeks to see him.

I could not believe how nervous I was but once I met him and started to chat I felt right at ease and knew this is what I wanted and needed to do.








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