2 week checkup

Apr 06, 2010

Had my checkup today at Dr Sohi's office, and made a couple of house calls whilst in the To area. My hunny and I went to HRRH to deliver a "Pen Plant" An invention of mine to say thanks to all of the nursing and docs and everyone on fifth floor, as when we needed to borrow pens a couple of times we were allowed under strict rules to return ASAP as they supply their own, I bought a pretty clay pot tied a bow on it, stuck some artificial oasis in the bottom and 2 bags of pens  all over some wrapped in green ribbon and about 20 silk pansy blooms , they all thought it was great! I was happy to do such a small thing.
Then we ran into Dr Glazer;, on our way to the elevator and I delivered his Thank you card for making sure I got through it all in one piece and not forgetting I was a person too, And I made an appointment with the Nut because I was told on the phone I would be into May before appointment I was very dissatisfied as I will be on solids by then and I d really like to know what I should be eating and not waste a month not wasting away (LOL) , In person  I had no probs and my app is April 29! woot WOOT! Same day as my sleep study so that's a nice tie in.
 Then we went to price chopper and I found out that I can eat Tuna ! YEAH ME and keep it down more importantly!  ! 
I also found some SF rice pudding by jello in the fridge section Creme Brulee flavour! YUM MO!
  I went to my appointment we waited an hour and half, saw Dr for 5 m which in retrospect am VERY glad I didn't wait 5 m and see the doc for 1 and a half hours because that would have meant something was wrong. !  He is happy with my progress. Everything sounds good t o him he weighted me and I'm on my way! 
Half way home we stopped in Cobourg Wally world and found some "click" espresso-latte protein shakes on sale from 17.98 to 10 clearance price. Bought one to try , have found I only like them for a short while then I need a diff flavour best not to stock up any one kind. I had half of one in the car. ti was OK but apparently can also be enjoyed hot so will try that maybe tomorrow. who nose! (lol) Also got the b12 strips that melt on your tongue, took that for first time. tasted OK . Dr gave out I wasn't already doing that! oops! all over it now! app To see GP for monthly  B12 shots instead. 
 I came home and had some yummy crab meat salad I made and yesterday I ate same thing only didn't puree today I did puree and added some red pepper but it was ewe! today. It tasted really good then i didn't feel well.so maybe to rich when it is pureed?? 
I then laid down for a short while,went to  chapters to check on recipe books called "hungry Girl" which all three look quite  appealing and two more that I'm interested in about eating after Geriatric surgery, recipes etc! Although I couldn't buy any because my tummy wouldn't even allow me to think much about the foods in them. SO maybe Ill go another day but I would like to research more what the barriatric books have in them to decide which one is best. I will let you now which one I have chosen and hat wonderful things I am making! :) 


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