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"I was really frustrated at first because I wanted information NOW, once I made the choice for this surgery. Then, after I had been to the Information Night and a few of the other things required, I began to understand why things are set up the way they are. They make it a process to go through and I firmly believe this increases your chances of success. Dr. Paciulli has a Nurse Practitioner, Nancy Seasman, who works in the office with her. This practice has been nothing but wonderful to me. They have been caring and supportive, ALL OF THEM, from the doctor right down to the person answering the phone. My husband was there with me for the surgery and got 20 minute bulletins the whole time I was in surgery. The support groups for before and after are wonderful. There are lots of things to do to qualify for the surgery. This is a multi-disciplinary approach with everyone involved in making this a success. I had some minor problems during my recovery which my doctor addressed promptly, quickly and thoroughly. She's great! I can't say anything bad because there isn't anything to say. She is committed to me for five years (we both signed an informal contract to that effect). I am looking forward to a long, healthy, therapeutic relationship."
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