li3Ruch accomplished a goal 12 years ago
Be a 'one digit' clothing size (size 9 is my goal!)

li3Ruch posted a discussion topic 12 years ago
Difference in Medication/Alcohol Effects post WLS - Something I notice which seems to have accelerated since my weight loss surgery is how quickly my body absorbs medicines. I'm a horrible insomniac, and have tried various options f...

li3Ruch posted a comment 12 years ago
Hyperthyroidism can have many causes, the majority of which do not...

li3Ruch posted a discussion topic 12 years ago
6 years post surgery & losing too much Help - I'm 6 years post surgery. I am 5'8" tall and down to about 118 lbs. In 2009 I was at 145 and trying so hard to get the last "dream 10" off. It just started coming off. Then it star...
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