Eric J. DeMaria

"Dr. DeMaria has a significant amount of experience with Bariatric Surgery and in his position as Director of the Duke University Medical Center Weight Loss Surgery Program he trains other surgeons during their fellowship at Duke. The program that Dr. DeMaria directs at Duke is comprehensive and has a significant emphasis on aftercare which is comprised of medical, psychological and nutritional support at 3 wks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year postop. I have found all of the staff, from the office, nurses, to the dietician to be helpful and available. I had my Lap-RNY 06-05-07. While Dr. DeMaria is without question very competent, he perforated my colon during the surgery. Normally this would require a conversion to an open procedure, but Dr. DeMaria was able to re-sect the colon laparoscopically. I have done well since my surgery and have lost all of my excess weight. I have talked with Dr. DeMaria at length about my concerns that while it is important for bariatric programs to provide a significant amount of support through the weight loss process, but that it is at least as important, if not more to provide significant support as you enter the maintenance phase of this life-changing journey. I'm delighted to say that he is a strong proponent of long-term bariatric aftercare and has opened a practice that focuses on the 'whole' bariatric patient in the long term; medical follow-up/management, nutritional support, psychiatric/behavioral support, and physiological/exercise. I hope this becomes a model to support the bariatric patient population."

Duke Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery

"It was clean and provided the necessary basics. Rooms are considerably smaller than those at other facilities. The rooms were very tight, but each was a private room. Furniture, etc. in rooms seemed at least as old as my 25 yr old kids. Clean and in good repair, but old especially if compared to other hospitals, such as UNC Chapel Hill. Generally, care was very good. However, didn't receive some medications for another condition and there was a problem with pain meds on one shift."

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