I was born in Germany, moved to Australia (Brisbane) at age 20, then to the States (Seattle) at age 39.
My husband works for Boeing Australia, which is what brought us over here. We have been here since 2002 (on a two year contract!) and probably have another year to go (if not more).

Just like my mother and my grandmother, I have been battling my weight my entire life. Sadly, though, I am losing the war  :-(

So now it is time to change strategy, and to get surgery to help me win this war, after all.

I am a little nervous and a bit worried about the future, but it seems that the vast majority of WLS patients are very glad they did it, and most have had much success. I intend to become of those success stories, too !

I would love to make some friends on here, it would be so good to talk to someone else who understands the issues related to WLS.

I'm into photography and post-processing, and I enjoy teaching. If you have any questions about those subjects, feel free to ask, I'd be happy to try and help.



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