Finally Expecting!

Oct 15, 2011

There are no words to describe how I feel inside.. it's an amazing feeling knowing... I didn't beleive it at first..but I think God gave it to me and my spouse in the perfect time... I am new to this mom thing.. and I have over a million questions.. lol..but am pretty positive and I hope everithing will turn our just fine... 


Oct 21, 2009

Hi Everyone!!!

Hmm.. where should I start...I am happy... yes very very Happy... I am starting to love myself.. I stopped shopping at the plus size a few months ago.. I am currently a size 11 in pants.. and a Mediu/large m in shirts... Ever since 8 months post op I started using a reshaping garment... because like we all know back pain!!!! omg just from memories i think my back started hurting... well anyways.. with my garment i am a size 10 and Medium in shirts... That garment has given me that extra push I needed everyday!!! I feel super Sexy.. everywhere I go.. i get alot of looks... its embarrasing.. but funny at the same time.. and sad....Anyways... I am enjoying my life to the fullest.... I am ENGAGED!!! to the most wonderful man on earth... he was there with me before surgery.. and way before surgery.. and he is still next to me... So i thank God for putting him on my life. 
I also learned to appreciate my life, MY Parents, I love my family....I enjoy them to the fullest.. God had given me this second opportunity and I cant just waste it!!!! 


Its Been a Super Long Time...

Jul 28, 2009

Hi Everyone!!!

Its been a while since i've posted an update!!! Well my WLS brought so many wonderful things to my life. I honestly thank GOD for giving me a second chance... in life... I feel blessed. Well... Lets See.. I started out with a sixe 3x in T-shirts/blouses... I am... a Large.... In bottoms..I was a size 24.. I am currently a size 12.... yay!!! I can finally eat a normal small meal... without problems.... I think what really helped me reduce my size and frame over all.. was the fact that I bought.. a Body Shaper Garmet.. I weigh 165.. but friends and family do not beleive me when I say this... they think I am around It actually makes me drop 2 sizes so I wear a size 10 in pants and a Medium in blouse while wearing my Garmet... Excersice has also been a great help.. I try to get 1 hour daily... So yeah... I am not embarrased to walk in to the gym.. get on the threadmill.. and jog.. walk go to the excersice machines and work out.. I actually look forward... to getting a more tonned body...  My sentimental relationship is currently at a wonderful point... It really changed it for good... I am no longer embarrased to go out... or anything... I am super duper thankful of having done my gastric bypass regardless of all the rough times I had....
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I started Eating!!!

Mar 31, 2009

 Yay!! I am very very excited!!! i started eating... after so many complications.. my stomach closing.. having to go into the ER twice and having to be dialated or thats what they told me they did to me.. I am doing great, i feel fantastic!!! I am walking every day.. I am not really concerned if I lost weight or not.. I feel better, according to my spouse.. I stopped snoring!!!! yey!! that snoring thing was embarrasing!!! .. and i went down to size 18 in pants and XL in t-shirts!!!!
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I had surgery last monday!!

Feb 13, 2009

 Well after 4 months on the waiting list I finnaly had surgery this past Monday, Feb, 9th. I am very happy. Although my energy levels are down, my spirit feels better than ever. Everyday something new happens to me. Overall surgery went as planned, doctor was very nice, and I have a docors visit this comming Monday!!!  
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