Gah! Stall broken!!! About a week ago!

Aug 11, 2014

Finally! I am down to 244, was stuck at 253-54 for about two and half weeks. That was real crappy. I felt terrible about myself and this whole procedure, so I just put the scale away and kept tracking my foods. I know was eating over 800 calories and everything, EVERYTHING has been sugar free, low carb, no problem. Last week I finally saw the scale move in the course of three days from 254ish to currently 244, somedays 243. So I am putting away the scale again and will way next week. I have increased my endurance at dancing so now I so two nights for an hour and half, it really is a workout. I am also doing some light swimming. I'd like to hit the gym, but I just am so beat after dancing it does take a few days to recover. 

I stopped drinking the proteins, which I need to bring back. I wanted to try to eat as much protein as possible, but it's too time consuming and I just end up forgetting. You'd think I'd have more confidence, but I am super self-conscience right now about the way I look.. I don't know how to explain it. I feel great and people tell me I look great, but I still get that I am too big sensation, like my ass and hips are in people's way.

Anywho! Hope yall are well!!!!!!!!!

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