Susan Daniel

"She was and is a great help to me Pre & Post op. I know if I have any questions I can count on her for the best answers."

Cameron Hodges

"After researching WLS for many many years I finally decided the time was right to have it done. I looked into many doctors and hospitals where I may go to. So I started looking right here at home an I found out about Dr. Hodges so I set up an appointment to see him. I had read his reviews and testimonials, and he looked good on paper. It took only the first meeting with him for me to know in my heart he was the one I wanted to do my WLS. The next several appointments I had with him just reinforced how I felt about his skills and the way he cared about me. He made sure I understood everything I was going to go through, and he pulled no punches about having WLS at my weight. He wanted for me to loose as much weight as possible before my surgery. He and his staff are the best, they ALL treated me with respect and concern about my WLS journey. I called on his staff several times for different things and they never acted like it was too much trouble to answer my questions. I would recommend Dr. Hodges and his staff to anyone who is serious about changing there lives through WLS. Dr. Hodges, My wife and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts forgiving me a chance at a new life. "

St. Johns Regional Health Center

"Over the years I have been in and out of a lot of hospitals here in Missouri and Pennsylvania where I am from. I have been hospitalized for as much as 84 days in one stay My experience at St.Johns was about the best treatment for my WLS that I ever have had, the nursing staff were wonderful. The way they treated me, and the way they treated my wife was excellent. They made sure we were as comfortable as we could be. We could tell they were true professionals and truly care about patent care and not just there for a paycheck. One of nurses named Anita was truly one of Gods special people, she treated my wife and I so well, and had such a wonderful attitude We will never forget her. I hope to someday be part of the St. Johns staff to help carry on the excellent treatment of Bariatric patients. To everyone at St. Johns hospital thank you from the bottom of my heart for you care of me and my wife. "
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