I started my journey in August and have almost complete all my testing.  I love going to the classes, its fun to meet new people and to here their stories. I have contacted my insurance Anthem they didn't say too much, so I'm scared that I won't be excepted.  So that's a huge worry for me.

I see I haven't been here for a long time.  I had my surgery on 4/28/08 .  I had a few complication nothing I couldn't handle.  The surgery is nothing.  Its the after the surgery that's the most difficult.  I'm still learning what to eat, how much, when.  It's a huge process.  I'm not losing as fast as I think I should I still have tons of knee pain and can't wait to get back into the pool in my back yard.   I'm having trouble eating, but have been sick only twice.  I'm back to work which is really stressful.  I could of taken the whole summer off.  I'm working on trying to get back to the swing of thing and its really difficult.  I'm really tired.  I can't wait to get to the doctor's for my check up to see how they thing I'm doing.  My thyroid test came back really low which is also a problem so that's probably why I'm not losing as fast.    Let me know what you think.

November 7, 2008
Well its been 5 months and I feel wonderful I'm getting better at the protein amounts and not getting sick.  I'm happy about the way I look and feel.  Its such a wonderful tool, but you can't lose track of where you came from.  It's so funny now when I go somewhere I watch how much people eat and wonder, my goodness that use to be me?  Why are they eating so much?  I did go to a wedding last weekend and the reception was 5 courses.  I watched what I ate which was very little and wondered if I should ask for a doggy bag it seem so wasteful, I didn't of course but what a waste.  I hope everyone is well, I'm excited about my visit with Dr. Loggins I know his scale is different from mine but any loss is a loss right.  Take care.

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