1st surgeon consult

Dec 15, 2014

Ok, we had our 1st surgical consultation with Dr. Cahalan and their amazing support team. Kind of a mixed bag of results.  Lisa is ready to go once she has her psychiatrist appointment. I on the other hand he wants to wait for my previous doctor records to see if they will work instead of having to do the six month doctor supervised visits as well as possible sleep study.( Which I've done before, the 1st time I looked into surgery, I was on a cpap for 6 months until insurance denied the surgery. The second study was a couple years ago and it was questionable for the cpap. they said my sleep apnea was at level that it should be watched but a cpap wasn't necessarily needed; so insurance wouldn't cover the machine.) So I guess I wait even longer for them to get my records. Dr. Cahalan said he would like to see me use a cpap for 3-6 months pre-surgery but would wait to see last result before having me do a new study. To be truthful, I'm just tired of waiting, feels like its a game between insurance and doctors, I'm almost ready throw in the towel and take my money to Mexico for surgery. I can get done there for about a $ 1000.00 more than its going to cost me here after my out of pocket has been met.


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