Like a dream

Feb 13, 2015

    This all sometimes feels like a dream. Where on moment I'm on top of the hill, everything going right and everything falling into place for surgery. And then now, someone pushed me over the edge and I can't stop rolling down the same hill hitting every freaking rock on the way down.  For some reason when I started my six month supervised diet to get everything going in October my doctor for some reason didn't order a blood test; that was finally ordered by my nurse practitioner at the weight loss center on our last appointment(5 months into my diet). Come to find out I've slipped back to type 2 diabetes according to my A1C test and now have to show that I've been treating it for 3 months prior to surgery. So now am looking at surgery in May instead of March/April. To add to that they are still waiting for my sleep study records from my last study.


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