This is the beginning of my Livin Large Life

When I was in the 3rd grade I remember going to Sears to get back to school clothing, I could no longer fit in the regular clothing area and they took us over to the Pretty Plus selections. The main problem with that was I was in the 3rd grade and the clothing looked like mini me's of my grandmothers closet. I continued to add weight most my life,  I was active in school I played softball, volleyball, ran track was cheerleader, played basketball and when I say I played I mean I started not sat on the bench simply wearing a uniform. But I still gained weight. Today i am 41 years old and weigh 333 I have diabetes, sleep apnea, bad knees and feel tired and old all the time ( for you young ones information 41 is not old lol). I have been on my journey towards the surgery since April of this year 2007 but without the support of my kids and my fiance I would of lost my way a few times. People always wonder why would a girl with all this going for her let herself get fat, they never know the things that go on behind closed doors. They do not understand why you might eat all the time even when you arent hungry or why that 7th soda pop of the day taste as good as the first one and you could go for about 5 more before the day is up. My best friend growing up was 87 lbs soaking wet, and she would always say Bobbie you wouldn't be you if you ever lost weight and that ws one of my biggest fears what if I lost myself in the midst of all this. Well guess what I remember being a damn good scavenger hunter and if I get lost along the way I am sure that I will find my way back home and make it a better healthier and happier place for all that reside there.
I can not wait till I can say Livin Large was a way of the past!!!

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