Mar 03, 2011

Yes, I'm in onderland...198...well...I'm 5 months out and have only lost 40 pounds since surgery on 10-4-10.  So, it's slow but steady!  I'm happy.  I've had numerous NSV's.  I've lost a total of 80 since I began this surgery a year ago.  Not only am I changing physically, but I am changing emotionally too.  I do have a better sense of self-worth, self-esteem...confidance...  And, my sex life has improved...that was just one of my goals ;-)  YAY!  Another goal I have that I haven't tried yet is to get into the bathtub.  I LOVE baths and I can't wait to fit comfortably in there.  I want the water to actually cover my body!!
I'm walking 2.7 miles every morning...sometimes 3.  I need to stretch before and after the walking...I'm bad about that.
Next month I get my 6 month check up with labs!!!!!!!!!  Can't wait to see how things actually are with my labs ;-)

A big issue I've been having is trouble sleeping.  I'm not using my CPAP anymore and still take Nuvigil.  When I take the Nuvigil, I'm awake/alert.  On the weekends when I don't take it I sleep all day.  But, invariably, I cannot sleep well at nite.  I fall asllep on the couch around 10pm, go to bed, I'm up at 2am...then sleep on the couch till 4-5am.  Then I'm up!  The Sleep Doctor put me on an additional medication to help sleep.  I've only taken it three nites.  I thought it was working at first, but it didn't last nite.  So, it all works out...I get up early enough to do everything before work...and get there on time.

My husbands birthday is tomorrow, March 5th.  Mine is the 26th.  They both land on a Saturday, so I want to go out and party!  I love the Springtime!


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