Parkway Medical Center

"The reason for the poor rating on pain meds was because I didn't get any for quite some time after surgery. They told me the pharmacy was closed and it was going to take a while to get the paperwork done to get me what my surgeon prescribed. I was in agony! The poor rating on responsiveness was just that, it took way too long for someone to come when I called for them, I was only a few feet from the nurses station and it was always at least 15-30 minutes before anyone came to my room."

W. Jay Suggs

"I was very impressed with Dr. Suggs and his entire staff at Parkway Medical Center.rnrnI had no complications, everything went as planned, I'm so thankful for that!rnrnNow I must say after my surgery, the attending nurses at night were a little less than stellar, but that has nothing to do with Dr.Suggs, I know. I was just in alot of pain and I was very uncomfortable, and it took forever to get any one to come when I called. I know pain can make one extra irritable and I was not a happy camper!rnrnBut on a positive note, the program director and the nutritionist both came by to wish me well and I wasn't expecting that, it was nice to see them and know that they were there for support.rnrnAfter I got home I was having some major nausea and Dr. Suggs was great about taking my calls and talking to me about my problems, he has a great bedside manner.rnrnI highly recommend him!"
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