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Aug 14, 2011

Haven't written in a while and it's time for me to get myself back into keeping my inner thoughts out there.  Tomorrow makes 17 months since my vsg, starting weight 267 current weight 151 (I have gained 3 lbs)Ahhhhhh!!!  I know that doesn't seem like much but I am afraid that I am getting back into my old habits.  For the past two weeks I have been eating more crap (sorry but that what it is) than I have eaten since before my surgery and I am getting scared.  I feel like I am losing control because I have learned how to work my sleeve, meaning when I feel that tightness I stop and after a while I start eating again once the feeling is gone.  I have been eating carbs like there is no tomorrow, I mean I can sit there and eat a whole can of pringles in a few hours, devil dogs, etc. nothing that is good for me (good tasting but not good for me).  

So today as I stepped on the scale and my weight was 151 lbs I looked in the mirror and said STOP!!!!!  I am teaching my inner thoughts to stop with the bad carbs and eat my protein like the way I know I can and should.  It just scares me how easy it is to be able to go back to those bad habits!!!!  But, I got my head back facing the right way again and will stick to what I have been doing for the past 17 months.  I'm not saying I won't have a bad carb here or there but it's up to me what goes into my mouth and what I buy for my house - and I have to STOP.  I worked to hard to get where I am now, from a size 22 pants to a size 8, from a size 2x top to a medium - I never want to see those sizes again in my closet and I am the only one who can stop that from happening.  

I still love my sleeve and still so happy that I had it done!!



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