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Pre Op            Oct. 06                315 lbs.
Surgery          Dec. 06               308 lbs.
Post Op          Oct. 07                198 lbs.
                         Jan. 08               185 lbs.
                         Aug. 08               163 lbs.
                          Oct. 08               151.8 lbs.
                          Dec. 09              127 lbs.

Dec.27, 2009
Well, I am three years out and have lost 188 lbs. I never expected to be 127 lbs. My size 12 pants are too big. People are calling me skinny. i will try to post pictures later this week.
 If you are waiting for surgery or have just gone through weight loss surgery I would like to encourage you to hang in there, do everything your doctor asks you to and be patient. 
Do not drink carbonated drinks after your surgery. It will stretch your pouch.

It has been a long, hard three years. People who think weight loss surgery is the easy way are so wrong. It is the way when nothing else works. I still have pain in my stomach every day but if I had to make the decision over again I would do the same thing. I have overcome diabetes and hypertension. I was scheduled for knee replacement surgery on both knees and now have decided I don't need it. I can outwalk my friends.
I am constantly serching for things I can eat so if you have suggestions, send some my way.

Nov. 3, 2008
Well it seems impossible but I am almost two years post op. I am 1.8 lbs. from my goal weight. I am mostly wearing 14 pants but have two size 12. This is so far beyond what I expected. I wanted to weight 150 but would have been happy with 180.
I still have problems with my stomach and think I always will but I would not go back and do it differently. I will try to get some new pictures up soon.

(Jan. 7, 2008)
i can hardly believe it has been a year since my surgery. I am pleased with my weight loss but have to admit this Christmas it was rough going not to pig out on all the goodies. I did put back on 5 lbs. but have taken it back off. Now, I hope I can get back to losing. I would like to lose at least 35 more lbs. Dr. J says I need to lose 60 more to be my normal weight. I think that is too much.  We'll see.

(Oct. 29, 2007)
Reached wonderland today, my second goal.

(Aug. 04, 2007)
Today is a real is a red letter day. I had surgery on 12/12/06 and set myself a goal to lose 100 lbs. by my birthday which is 8/22/07. BOOM! BOOM!  (sound of fireworks going off.) This morning I have lost 101 lbs. --with 15 days to go. HIPPEE! I am estatic!

(July 01, 2007)
Finally lost 3 lbs. (Thank you God!) I have never been so happy to see scales go down. I was beginning to think I wasn't going to lose anymore. I have been in terrible  pain this last week. The liquid Loratab Dr. J told me I could use is no longer working well, I think I  have become addicted to it so I have tried to get off it. My pcp told me I could go back to darvocette (surgeon, Dr. J said no). i tried to but it feels terrible in my stomach so for two days I have only used tylenol for the fibromyalgia pain. I am praying that once I get all the loratab out of my body, this will be enough.

(June 25, 2007)
It's a rainy night in Tallahassee and I thought I would try to update my blog. My weight is coming off very slowly. I think my metabolism has slowed to null. There is a support meeting tonight in Orlando and I'm feeling sorry for myself because I live too far away.. If you have a support group close to you, be very thankful. I think I need to increase my protein calories. I like the way I am starting to look if I stand in front of my mirror because my sides are coming in and I am getting a shape again. I have hips! Unfortunately if I turn to the side my tummy has not shrank and I have no shape from front to back. My 24 pants are getting a little loose on me. I am in a 22 top. I actually have one skirt that is a 22. I know most people have lost 100 lbs. by the time they are 7 months out but I can not exercise so I guess I will have to be content with losing slower. Better slow than not at all. Well, not much news. I will try to post again soon.

(June 17, 2007)
Well, today was Father's Day. I feel bad that Keith's children in England haven't called yet. We went to church and then drove to Thomasville and took my mom and sis for lunch. We really had a great time. I enjoyed my sister so much and it was nice to see her smile. I am so proud of her. She has been a lot stronger than I expected her to be after losing her husband. I don't think I would. I can tell she wants to spend time with me and I am so glad. I have missed the closeness we use to have.

Six Months After Surgery
(June 15, 2007)
I am losing soooooooo slow. I am now at 231. Only lost 3 lbs. in a month. I don't think I am eating enough, not getting enough protein. I have to start monitoring again on I am still having bad pain with the fibro and having terrible depression and anxiety attacks. I saw my psych last week and he says he doesn't think I am absorbing enough of my meds since I stopped crushing them and swallowing in juice. He told me to start back crushing for a month and see if that would make the difference. I started last Friday and by Monday thought I was actually getting better but I guess it is too soon to make a difference because I crashed yesterday. Feel lost today. Would just like to go to bed and pull the covers over my head. My poor hubby. He must get so tired of this. He is a jewel. He is always there for me no matter what. I couldn't make it without him. He says I have been through so much this year that I have a right to be depressed. My stepdad died, I had WLS, my brother was murdered and a few weeks ago my brother-in-law started vomiting up blood and bled to death in front of my sister before the medics could get there. I hope nothing else bad happens in my family. It's just too much. Hubby and I are taking sis and mom to dinner Sunday. Didn't want them to be alone on Father's Day. Hope I can get a grip before then. I missed work yesterday and today. Just couldn't bear to be around people. But Keith (DH) is home now and I always feel better when he is here. Also saw my pcp on Monday. He had some good ideas to help the pain. Pray they work. Well, sorry for the pity party but i want to be real and not just say how great things are when it is a lie. That's the reason most of get to the point to need WLS. We always hide our feelings from others and put on our happy face. Well, tomorrow is another day. I will be better tomorrow.

Five Months After Surgery

(May 2007)
I'm down to 234 this month. Wish the weight would come off faster. I have had a very bad month. Terrible pain from the fibromyalgia and arthritis. The pain meds they allow me to use just aren't working. I haven't posted because I've been so depressed. I try not to say much when I feel this way. Chronic pain causes chronic depression. On a higher note, I've been getting nice comments about my weight loss. I've even been told that I am getting curves. (LOL)

Four Months After Surgery
(April 2007)
 Well I am down to 247 lbs. I go back to the doctor at the end of this month. I hope he will be happy with my weight loss. I am having some problems. If I eat too much, too fast or drink anything within the first hour after a meal I get terrible pain in my esophageal area and even worse in my back. I am almost out of smaller size clothes. This is the smallest I have been in seven years. I still get depressed when I look in the mirror and I still feel very fat. My husband brags on me all the time and I try to accept what he says but it is hard not to be critical  of yourself. I really feal bad when I see pictures of myself before the surgery. I guess I tried not to look at myself back then. I am being very good with my diet and doing everything the doctor tells me.I see other people's posts about eating snack foods and sweets and I am amazed that someone would go through the pain of WLS Surgery and not follow the doctor's orders.I am not going to blow this. This time is for ever.

Two Months After Surgery
(Feb.2007) has been two months since my surgery. I was so glad to get that nasty G-tube out. The hole in my stomach has almost healed over. I am pleased with my weight loss. Three months before surgery I was 315 lbs. On my pre-op visit I was 308 lbs.and today I am 270 lbs.The doctor says I am right on target and he would not want me losing any faster. I have only been sick a few times and that was from eating too fast or too much. One time I got very nauseous from having too much fat. I have had no dumping. I no longer like sugar. I can't stand to eat anything that tastes sweet.Lucky for me, HA! I still have a problem getting all my meds down but they say in another three months I will be able to swallow pills. I am ready to go off the soft diet and start eating regular foods. I have mixed feelings. I am really glad because I need some variety in my diet but I worry about trying new things and maybe getting sick. It will be nice for my husband and I to be able to eat together and not be preparing two seperate meals.I have only eaten out twice. Once at Captain D's and once at Cracker Barrel. I had fish both times. I think we may try a restaurant tomorrow. I have no idea what to order. I am a little tired of fish. I never was a big fan of it. Hope I enjoy the experience.

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