Basic stuff: Married, 3 grown sons, 2 grandsons and a new grandchild on the way. 

I am of Italian and Irish heritage. I favour my mothers side of the family in my physical traits and my fathers side as far as health. I have been fighting with my weight since high school. I started Freshman year at 115 and graduated at 135. The only time I have been able to keep my weight off was when I was in the Merridia human trails. I lost 60 pounds then. I have since gained it all back and 20 more in just 10 years since it was pulled from the market. I am not a person with a lot of money and can't afford Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. So I have had to go it alone, reading and trying what works and does not work. Obviously there is a lot that dose not work...I am an example of that! LOL

I am now post op and had the Gastric Sleeve on October 27, 2008. Will keep you posted.

I am a US Navy vet also. There for I have dual health insurance. I am eligible for Veterans health care as well as my crappy NJ Horizon HMO which is a form of Medicaid. Right now the civilian HMO is trying to make my VA health benefits the primary policy. This is messing with my options for doctors to do this surgery. I have a civilian doctor picked out and am happy with him thus far. However with the health insurance game playing, I may have to go with the VA surgeons who will not do the Gastric sleeve and will do the Lap Band only if requested to. I have some issues with that. Can I trust these doctors? It is obvious from what feed back I get form my nut. that they really don't like the lap band, so there for they have a bias toward it. Add the fact that they will not do the gastric sleeve at all....will have to see. I do waiting well.