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So back in 2008 I had the Sleeve and excelled like a rock-star. Lost 170lbs in 18 months and was on top of the world. I ran the hospital support group and was looking at possibly eve

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Well I'm one week post op from my revision and so far I feel great, except for the Alien lump in my upper left abdomen. A result of the Pulmonary idiots deciding I needed a shot of Lovenox the morn...

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Not giving up even when I give in! - Since my last visit to OH I'm back up several more lbs. It is really depressing and it just continues to reinforce my conclusion that my Doc should have been a brain surgery.  I...

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Steadly Losing Ground - 16 months since I last posted, almost 3 years since my VSG surgery, and I am back over 300lbs (305.8 this morning). Up 47lbs since my lowest weight of of 258lb in August of 2010. S...

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Haven't been here in awhile - Seems like lots of people are just like me....hot & heavy on here in the beginning of the journey but about 6-9mons in we fall away. Life was waiting for me and I got caught up in ...

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13 months, 2 weeks since surgery - Well it has been one hellava year! I'm down 155lbs since my highest weight of 430 back in September '08. I count my weight loss from that number as it was the highest weight I was ...

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