I have been heavy most of my teen-adult life. From the 4th grade I can remember being teased and ridiculed because I was heavier than the rest of the girls. Throughout grammar school and high school it didn't get any better and college people just didn't seem to care so I didn't care the least. I ballooned up to 261 and realized I would never truly be happy with myself unless I lost the weight. I had tried so many fad diets it wasn't even funny. I spiraled into the "ephedra" trend and really screwed my body up (although I did lose almost 90 lbs.) In 2003 I married the man of my dreams, my best friend and was at my goal weight of 145. Not long after the wedding I started packing on the lbs again. Found out I was pregnant and that was the end of my teen sizes. Gained 75lbs with my pregnancy and here I am today. Can't wait for this all to be behind me and move forward with my new body.

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