Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

"i loved the care the nurses gave me i felt like the only person they had to care for they were loving, kind, supportive i couldnt' have asked for better people to care for me..one day i was really scared and my mom hadn't showed up yet and one of the nurses rubbed my back and told me everything would be okay she spent 10 min of her time trying to comfort me...i couldnt' have asked for better care they were really concerned about my well being...be aware you're paying well for this care the parking is 10$ when you visit..family and friends get ripped of visiting you"

Joseph Naim

"My first impression of him was cofidence he's very gentle with the softest hands he was not my first choice Dr. Nazarian was but he wasn't able to do the surgery because i needed it done at a COE...so he passed me on to Dr. Naim and i couldn't have been happier...he perfomed my surgery and i had severe swelling and Dr. Naim was not only there every day sometimes more than once a day but he was on call for me and my family 24 hours a day and always answered his cell with a smile in his voice.... Once night my mother called him histerical because she was so worried because i couldn't keep anything down and he talked to her like an old friend...i felt like he held my hand through the entire process and i wouldn't have asked for a different surgeon he was well worth the 3'000$ i had to pay...."
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