2021.09.23 - CW 193 (-43#)

Sep 23, 2021

Half-way down to 150# you guys! I hadn't even noticed until I updated my ticker just now that I am HALF-WAY there!! I would never have imagined going down this journey again. At first, my brother and mother were very much supportive.. but just as life is.. things get complicated and they stopped (because they had also adapted to lower-carb foods) but that is slowing down very much. I can't control them.. don't want to, but I also can't let it break my spirit. I have worked too damned hard for this. My daughter is still very much my #1 cheerleader.. I love her to bits. She was 13 yrs old when I had surgery in 2005.. she's about to turn 29.. very different support.

The mini-vacay in California was awesome. I spent the week with my youngest brother and his kids. I cooked as much as I could and they ate it, haha. I splurged once or thrice, but I got right back up on that horse! It certainly did kick-start some cravings, but I am taking care of those. And despite it all, I do feel blessed.



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