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Jan 08, 2009


Don't dispair... there are some supplements that will help bring your BP down.  If they bring it down enough to get off of the BP Rx, only time will tell.

Go to  In particular click on each of the substances in the "Related Items" blue shaded section.

This is from Where I Go For Vitamin and Supplement information.  For basic applications to health issues of various vitamins information, I go to which is from the University of Maryland Medical School. They are one of very few med schools in the nation that teach something called Integrative Medicine. This site is the School of Integrative Medicine's database for vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other supplements.

There you can put in almost any vitamin, mineral, herb, or other supplement, and it will tell you everything about it that there is a clinical study saying happens.

You can also put in a health condition, such as hair loss, high cholesterol, anemia, etc, and when you click on that, besides the 'WebMD' type explanation, off to the right of that page, there is a list of every vitamin, mineral, herb, or other supplement that has been shown to have any affect that.

You can also put in the name of every Rx or OTC drug you take, and it will tell you what vitamins it depletes. For example, aspirin depletes potassium and B-9. If you take an aspirin, you might want to take one of each of those at the same time.

You can also put in the name of everything you take, and it will summarize everything it affects. You may be taking two different supplements for two different purposes, where the first actually takes care of the second, and as a result, you may choose to not take the second.

The wife and I have used this site over the last two years. Over that time a couple of things have happened. The first is we take a lot less vitamins and a lot more herbs. The second is we take almost everything as an individual vitamin except for multivitamin as an easy way to get the trace minerals.

The list of what we take daily is on my profile.  The things I take knowing part of what they are going to do is help control BP are:
Flaxseed Oil
Borage Oil
Evening Primrose Oil
Hawthorn Berry Extract

You may or may not want to try them, but I consider these as important as my calcium citrate, iron, and B12 shots.

Good luck and best wishes,


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