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Texas Special Olympics Scarves - If you knit, crochet, use a loom, what ever, please think about joining this worthy cause. The Texas Special Olympics 2013 is in need of about 300 scarves. They have chosen Red Hea...

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Get a permanent job in my company!

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Friday WLS Express - WOW! It's Friday! I hope everyone has a great day!  Since I'm not working, it's just like any other day to me, but hopefully that will be rectified soon!! Tomorrow I have to go ...

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Thursday WLS Express - Welcome to the Thursday WLS Express!  All Aboard!! Ok, I've been looking at the numbers and it seems there are quite a few lurkers out there!  Reading but not posting! C'mon guy...

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Wednesday WLS Express - Hello folks!  I know alot of you don't know me, but I'm an old timer, and I haven't been on here in a while!! To the one's that recognize this old face, HELLO!! I've decided that I...

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Three years out plus some! - Well, August 2009 I was three years out.  I'm discovering that I have to diet again.  I've put on about 20 pounds because of stress eating, and I find that I can eat way more than ...
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