My obsession with my weight has preoccupied too much of my life.  I believe it has hindered me from living a more fulfilling life.  Too many times the fact that I am overweight and ashamed of my appearance has kept me from enjoying or participating in something a thinner me would have jumped at.  

No more!  Once and for all I want to conquer my weight issues and do all the things I want to do.  I truly believe that WLS and my commitment to this new life style will finally grant me good health and a longer life.

Diets I have tried in the past:  Medical Weight Loss (2 times), Weight Watchers (several times), Jenny Craig, Trim Line, Vegetarian Diet, Atkins Diet, Rice Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, the list goes on and on.  Most times I was successful in losing weight, but the weight always came back within a few years along with extra pounds I didn't have when I started.

The decision to have WLS was difficult for me initally.  I felt like I was asking to have my internal organs mutilated because I don't have enough self-control to master my eating disorder.  My feeling was, it's no different than cutting off my hands so I can't feed myself.  But I came to see how WLS has changed so many lives and how thankful these people are that they made the decision.

My surgery date is March 3, 2008 - the first day of the rest of my life!

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