One week down!

Nov 01, 2010

I can't believe its been a week already!!! Time goes by fast when you are having fun, lol.

Monday was surgery, I was out of it all day, Woke up in my room and hubby said I was hitting the morphin pump every 6 min, lol.

Tuesday, I was still on that morphin pump, It was my hospital BFF, lol. Started to get up and walk and it was very uncomfortable. I like walking at night. It was quiet, no people or other obsticals on the floor and I got some one on one time with nurses and they would walk with me, keep ing my mind off the pain.

Wednesday was my downhill hump day. The nurses didn't know much about sleeve patients. I had a nausea patch on the one of the nurses took off of me whn I was sleeping. They then told be to get up and walk but I wasn't feeling good. My mom was helping me and I started dry heaving and trying not to throw up. My husband and mom where yelling for help, nuirsing running, mass confusion. My husband asked where my patch was and the nurse said she took it off. They gave me something through my iv and I slept for 3 hrs. At this point my family wanted me out of the hospital asap! As soon as they removed the catheter, iv and JP drain, I started to feel human again.

Thursday , home sweet home, I slept in the recliner and took one pain pill. I slept a lot of thursday and was still on clear liquids. A lot of gas that day. Sip, sip, sip!!!!

Friday, I took one pain pill. Hubby convinced me to go to Target with him for the ride. When we got there, I decided to go in and walked for 30 min. I was tired then and went to sit at the food bar while he finished shopping. Still having a lot of gas, and sipping away. Focusing on walter and protien shakes right now. I like GNC Wheybolic 60 the best ( chocolate).

Saturday, feeling 100 times better!!! Went to church for kid's harvest party. I lasted 20 min and then was sooo tired. I sat at the craft table and hlps with the crafts while hubby took care of the three kids running around. Still not getting all my water in and starting to have that keytosis, iron, yuck mouth. Still trying though and I have no pain!!!!

Sunday, I decided to go to church (took my water bottle with me) and did great! I sat for praise and worship and took a nap when I we got home. No pain, put the pill away! I did a no no though!. I didn't eat before church, had 1 oz mashed potato and nap. When I got up it was go, go , go to get the kids dinner, cleanup for the Holloween guest we have, gt the kids dressed and I started burping alot, got dizzy, lightheaded, hot flashes, nausea. My mom asked what I ate and I just remember... NOTHING, no appetite and I forgot all about food!!!! That was a first!!! When the kids left for trick or treating, I had 1 oz yogurt and 3 oz protein shake and felt like a new woman!!!

Monday, I 'm home 2/3 kids ( ages 3 and 2, my 5 yr old is in school) and doing great, no pain, no nausea and feeling like 75% of my self!!! I went to the dr for blood work this morning and got weighed! My starting weight in Sept was 324lbs. My surgery weight was 292lbs (32 lost). My weight today, one wk after surgery....... 279!!!!!!!!! I lost 13 lbs in one week and a grand total of 45 lbs lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am relieved that I did this, no regrets ( I did have the what the heck feeling but it was over by Friday) I go back on the 14th for my new meal plan, Right now, I am eating yogurt, mashed potato, protein shakes, strained cream soups and sip, sip, sip that water!!!


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