Treadmilling It Up

Aug 07, 2014

Apparently with the progress I've been doing on the treadmill, I'm close to pulling off a 5k marathon (walking of course...running is quite another matter). That's thrilling to know that. I always thought they were longer than that, until my step-sister pointed it out to me this morning. Yesterday's work on the treadmill put me at almost 2.75 miles after an hour. Another ten minutes probably would have had me at the 3mile marker, though I know my husband prefers I find a different time to work out.  He doesn't like waiting for dinner, even though most times I'm popping food into the oven and then sweating it up on the treadmill. I wish that I had a better time to do so, unfortunately, while blessed with a 13 month old son, he doesn't allow for an hour stint of getting on treadmills.  I usually have to do that when my husband is home to watch him. Ah well, hopefully in a few weeks, that issue will resolve itself.    

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