Those pants are hanging on you...

Dec 29, 2017

I have to say those are the sweetest words I have heard in a long time.  I have this very comfortable pair of yoga pants that I have worn forever and they are very loose on me right now, but I am taking them with me to go home from the hospital in because they are super comfy and I figure I will need loose and comfy post surgery. 

I can not believe that I have manged to lose almost 50 pounds before my surgery, though my my BMI is still over 40.  I am so hoping that all this hard work I put in before the surgery will pay off in long term success.  

I have my final pre-op nutrition class on Tuesday and my Pre-op appointment with my surgeon next Friday.  Then I have a week out of town for business while I am on my pre-op liquid diet.  Then I get home and have a weekend and a monday then my Surgery on the 16th.  

I am giving up my Coke Zero after this weekend. I have been weaning myself off slowly to avoid the caffeine headache, because I tend to get migraines and do not want to be dealing with those my week of my pre-op diet.  

My new life is starting so soon and i am looking forward to it.  



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