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I am traveling this week and had a couple of fabulous NSVs..

  1. No seatbelt extender need on the plane. Yeah!!!! I was dancing in my seat!!
  2. I had no problems rushing between planes. Usually I would be exhausted or my feet would

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I have been following the plan, drinking my water, eating protein, and exercising. I am 2 months post op and in the last month I lost 3 pounds! REALLY??? I am so frustrated and depressed right now. I lost more pre-op a month then I have post-op and

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Use my tool and get my protein in every day.

crystalcandoit has achieved her goal: to keep lossing weight and to get under 300 pounds 8 months, 3 weeks ago
Continue my healthy eating up until my pre-op diet takes affect. Then follow my pre-op diet as prescribed. Then get my surgery on 1-16-18 and follow my post-op plan.

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i am frustrated, the scale is not moving. I am ending week 5 and have lost 26 pounds so far. My today’s menu is:

B- Hard boiled egg

Lunch-4 Steamed shrimp

afternoon snack- 2 left over shrimp

Dinner plan-3 ounces of b

crystalcandoit wrote My post-break up life 9 months, 1 week ago

I lost 21 pounds in my first month post surgery.  I have lost 88 pounds total since I started the surgical weight loss program in July.  It is certainly not easy. Some days I have no problem gettin...

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I lost 21 pounds since I had surgery a month ago. My surgeon gave me the impression that he would have liked me to have lost more, but I was thrilled with the 21 pound weight loss in a month. I asked if the fact that I lost over 60 pounds before surg

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I saw my surgeon today for my first post-op visit and I lost 5 pounds since my surgery a week ago. My surgeon cleared me to progress my diet to soft foods..I am excited and scared!! I have tolerated the protein drinks with out any issues. The surgeo

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I just had surgery Tuesday and have been following the full liquid diet my surgeon recommends. I so want to get on the scale and see a weight loss, but I am afraid with surgery, swelling, and water retention I could step on a not see a weight loss and

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i had my surgery on 2-6 and everything went well. They fixed the Hiatal Hernia and did the RNY. The post-op pain is minimal. I am excited about going home and starting my journey!!!!

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I am officially scheduled for RNY surgery of Feb. has been a bumpy ride with many changes from my original plan to get to this point. I went in on Jan. 16th to have the VSG and the surgeon found a large Hiatal Hernia. So he stopped the VSG s

crystalcandoit wrote has been a roller coaster ride. 10 months, 2 weeks ago

So I met with the surgeon and I am on board with doing the RNY and Hiatal Hernia repair and we scheduled the new surgery for Feburary 6th.  The only requirement was getting cleared by cardiology ag...

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So I am new to the RNY page mainly because up until I went in for surgery last Tuesday, I was supposed to have a VSG. Then my surgeon discovered that I had a large Hiatal Hernia and immediately stopped the VSG surgery. Once I was out of anesthesia, h

crystalcandoit wrote Trying to get back to positive. 10 months, 3 weeks ago

I have went through a myraid of emotions since my surgery was cancelled on Tuesday due to thhe discovery of a Hiatal Hernia.  I was so ready emotionally and physically that the let down of the surg...

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I was supposed to have my VSG on January 16th, and my surgeon started the surgery and after lifting my liver discovered that I had a significant hiatal hernia (about 20% of my stomach is in my chest cavity). He immediately stopped the procedure. Afte

Joyfullness wrote 10 months, 4 weeks ago
What a great letter to your stomach! I read it to mine also. Prayers are with you today, may you have a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing your progress. I am just behind you, I am on a 4 month Medical weigh loss for insurance approval. I am starting my month two, I haven't been doing great but acceptable. I am pledging to start exercise and no more cheating! take care :)

crystalcandoit wrote Disappointment and uncertan future. 10 months, 4 weeks ago

I am currently sitting in a hospital room with my full stomach.  The surgeon went in and found out that I had a significant hiatal hernia, so VSG is not an option.  I would have to have the RNY ins...

michelle_reset wrote 10 months, 4 weeks ago
Thank you for writing such an eloquent letter to your stomach. I read it to my stomach in preparation for our weight loss journey. I am anticipating VSG in April. All the best to you for a safe and speedy recovery.

crystalcandoit wrote Break up day!! (Surgery Morning) and a big thank you!! 11 months ago

It is surgery morning and I am up bright and early because I have a training session to do at 6:00 AM for my client before I head to the hospital.  I have been NPO since Midnight and I am hoping th...

tlleitner wrote 11 months ago
I'm 1 year post op and it's the best thing I have ever done! Good luck tomorrow. Something I have observed is that the most successful people I have seen have previously followed a diet plan and reached their goal. I believe you will do great. Love the letter and will be sharing it with others.

3krazykids wrote 11 months ago
Amazing! Best wishes for speedy recovery keep us posted I just started this journey too no surgery date yet but committed I love reading about success stories and perseverance knowing I am not the only one that struggles

crystalcandoit wrote Last day of Pre-op..tomorrow is the day!! 11 months ago

This time tomorrow I will be at the hospital in Pre-op for my surgery of 12:30 PM.  This is my last day of my pre-op liquid diet and at midnight I go NPO.  I am ready mentally and physically for th...

crystalcandoit wrote Watching Football while on a liquid diet 11 months ago

Fun Fact about me...I lived in New Orleans for about 6 years not too long ago and became a huge Saints fan.  I was living there the last time they won the Superbowl and partied down in the French Q...

crystalcandoit wrote Pre-Op Nesting?? 11 months ago

I feel like I am nesting for myself post-surgery...Today i have cleaned and organized my pantry, fridge, and freezer.  I threw out a lot of junk food that was sitting in pantry that my daughter won...