My story is just like all of you where I have been struggling with my weight all my life.   I was born prematurely at 2 lbs and was forced to eat constantly to gain weight and grow during my stay at the hospital and after coming home.  I always told my Mom that it was her fault I gained so much weight.   I was chubby as a child with asthma and I remember being teased and laughed at in school when I couldn't  keep up with others.  I gaduated grammer school at 150lbs 5'4".  Went to HS and starved myself the lose approx. 30 lbs.  Started dating and met my husband in my sophmore yr and we are still together 40 yrs later.  He is my best friend and my support for this surgery.  I gained weight after both pregnancys and could not loose any of it.  I went on WW and did protein diets, diet pills and still gained back all I lost an then some. I have maintained my current weight for the past 5 or 6 yrs gaining 6 or 7 lbs and then losing it again only to repeat again and again.  My Dr told me to consider the Lap band surgery and I went to hear Dr Boorse my surgeon give a talk on both lap band and rny.  I have decided to do the rny as it is suppose to help with my diabetes quicker than the lap band.  Hoping to live a healthier life and be able to do many things I cannot do now.

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