6 month checkup with Surgeon

Aug 26, 2009

Yesterday I had my checkup with Dr boorse and weighed in at 179.5.  Very happy with my weight loss so far.  Said I was to come back in 6 months for another checkup if I have no problems.

vacation july 4th holiday

Jul 05, 2009

Just returned from vacation for a week and was so glad I did not gain.  I had so many things that was not the best for me.  I am now down from 298 to 187 for a total of 111 lbs lost altogether.  I am so happy that I have taken this journey even though it is now coming off very slow.  I have not been able to do as much exercise as I should but I can do some. Bought a bike last month and have been riding that along with walking.  I can now do so much more than before.  I planted flowers and weeded garden.  When camping now I can walk instead of riding to my friends campsites. So far I LOVE THIS LIFE!!!!!

3 month visit with Dr Boorse

Feb 26, 2009

Saw the dr Tuesday the 24th and he said I am doing fine.  I weighed in at 211.5 for a total loss now of 75 lbs .   I do not go back until Aug. 25th for my 6 month checkup.

my progress

Feb 02, 2009

Hi everyone, sorry I have not been keeping up with this info.  I have started a new job which keeps me very busy. Our bank is now open 7 days a week and we are to work 1 weekend a month.  I can't stand working on the weekends.  I have had some good wow moments.  I can now cross my legs properly and my coat which did not fit before is now way to big.  I have alot more energy and have been trying to exercise more.  Now I have tendonitis of my foot and have to wear an aircast for the next 4 weeks.  I guess because I am not use to being on my feet all day long at work.  I am loosing slowly because I cannot exercise properly.  I have now lost a total of 67 lbs so far. I have no problems with eating.  Just have had food stuck a couple of times and got the foamies once.

2 months postings

Dec 16, 2008

Hi I am posting today 12/16 about 8 days past my 2 months surgery date.  I have lost a total of 54 lbs now and am feeling great.  I can eat almost everything I have tried so far.  Only had one time where I had food stuck.  I was not paying attention and hurrying to get done eating so I could get the choir practice.  I was also talking on the phone with my daughter so I did not chew, chew, chew, as I should have.  Sometimes we learn a lesson the hard way. I have lost a total of 31 lbs since surgery. I now have a lap again, and can also put my leg up onto the other leg without me helping by picking it up with my hands. Big WOW MOMENT. I have also gotten rid of about 8 bags of clothes that are to big. I was wearing 4x and 3x, now I can wear 2x size 24/26.

one month from surgery

Nov 10, 2008

Today is one month since my surgery and I have lost 38 lbs total. I have lost 14 since the actual surgery.  I can now eat pureed foods and I have been successful with all that I have tried so far. Hope I don't have problems down the road.  I have not been doing much exercise as of yet. I feel good with no problems. The only thing is constipation and I am drinking watered down prune juice and taking stool softeners each day.  I had to stop the Iron because I could not go to the bathroom. I will start to take it again maybe only every other day or so. I see the surgeon for my 1 month checkup on 11/18.

my first Dr visit

Oct 24, 2008

Today I had my first checkup with Dr Boorse.  I have lost all that I gained plus an additional 3 pounds. He looked at my incisions and said all was doing good.  Told me I could start the puree phase of foods. I have been doing great so far.I don,t see him again until Nov. 18th my 1 month appt.

one more day

Oct 07, 2008

My stress test was not good and I then had to go for a heart cath. on Oct. 1st.  Nothing showed up on the cath, so all was cleared for surgery. I have done all preop procedures and my surgery is tomorrow morning. I am excited and scared all at the same time.

almost there!!!

Sep 22, 2008

Well I am almost there. I have my surgery Oct 8th.  I start my preop diet  (Atkins) on Wed. Sept. 24. I also have a echocardiogram and stress test this day.  I had an ekg last Wed. the  17th. Been having stomach problems and cannot eat anything except bland foods or I have pain and vomiting. Went to ER on Thur. 18th for IV fluids and meds for vomiting and pain.  Now have to take Protonex every morning before I eat for the next 2 weeks.  I have lost another 3-4 lbs because I can't eat much.

July 23/08

Jul 22, 2008

I had my appt. with my surgeon yesterday and he is very nice.  I need to see the cardiologist 2 wks prior to surgery and have my pre-op tests done 1 week prior to surgery.  I have a tentative surgery date for Oct. 8th. Hopefully my ins. co. will approve me by then!! Getting very excited!

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