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Feb 02, 2009

Hi everyone, sorry I have not been keeping up with this info.  I have started a new job which keeps me very busy. Our bank is now open 7 days a week and we are to work 1 weekend a month.  I can't stand working on the weekends.  I have had some good wow moments.  I can now cross my legs properly and my coat which did not fit before is now way to big.  I have alot more energy and have been trying to exercise more.  Now I have tendonitis of my foot and have to wear an aircast for the next 4 weeks.  I guess because I am not use to being on my feet all day long at work.  I am loosing slowly because I cannot exercise properly.  I have now lost a total of 67 lbs so far. I have no problems with eating.  Just have had food stuck a couple of times and got the foamies once.


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