Less than 48 to go..

Dec 16, 2009

Head hunger, head hunger, head hunger. And as if it wasn't bad enough, i've steadily been watching Man Vs. Food for 2 hours, making a mental note of all the food I didn't eat the past month. I start my liquid diet tomorrow (today), and just finished off my last solid food for a while..an apple. It was the best apple. ever. It's amazing how bad your head can get over something as simple as food. I guess most people wouldn't equate food with addiction, but if you've ever had to give it up (especially bad for you foods) for indefinite amounts of time, then you realize what someone with a narcotic or alcohol addiction might feel like. It isn't something I'm comfortable with. In any event, I'm ready for Friday. I've tried not to make a big deal of the whole "no food" thing, and keep myself busy. Thank goodness it's close to Christmas, and I've drowned myself in shopping and preperations for my Husbands return from his overseas tour of duty! I have around a month before he gets home, and i'm SO excited! He's been my angel, even from 7000 miles away. But even with his support, and the support of my wonderful friends and family, there are some battles I have to wage with myself.

Head hunger...you're going down... :)


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