I tracked everything I ate in a day w/ Calorie count

Jan 22, 2022

Hi, This is Dan Sobel here, I decided to track what I ate in a day just to show you how bad my addiction is.


dozen eggs (840 Calories)

a packet of cheddar (8 oz) (880 Calories)

1 Loaf of Bread (16 oz) (1140 Calories)

Oil (quite a lot to cook the eggs) (guestimate about 600 Calories)

Breakfast comes in at 3460 calories


1 Whole Pepperoni Pizza (2480 Calories)


6 Burgers (Bun 200 calories, Patty 350 calories, Cheese 100 Calories) (3900 Calories)

1 Family Sized fries (1400 Calories)

5300 Calorie Lunch


32 Oz Steak (Looked it up at about 2500 Calories)

1 family sized Doritos bag (about 2400 Calories)

4900 Calories


2 Pre packaged Carrot Cake Slices (550 Each) (1100 Calories)

Came out as 17,240 Calories in that day which was the 21st of January

I gained 3 Pounds that day to put it in perspective.