Nov 15, 2022

I've contacted Dr. Now, he says when I get under 600 Pounds, I could be qualified for surgery and I can travel down to Houston. I'm about 785 Pounds now, a total weight loss of 27 Pounds in a week. Thanks for all the support and Have a nice day


Checking myself in an outpatient rehab facility

Nov 11, 2022

Hey y'all.

Dan Sobel here again, I've decided to check myself into rehab for food addiction. They checked my weight 3 days ago and I was 812 Pounds, I'm about 6'3" so my bmi was 102, but in those 3 days I've lost 13 pounds and I'm under 800 Pounds, I'm hoping to get under 600 for the DS surgery. I haven't been under 600 since I was 16 so that'll be exciting. I'm also trying to get in contact with Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, maybe he can do the surgery (who knows).

See y'all later.


Nearly 800 Pounds, giving up hope

Sep 05, 2022

Hi, I've been on here for more than half a year and I have gained a lot of weight. I'm up to 774 Pounds, My height is 6'2.5" so my BMI is 98. I have tried a lot of diets from weight watchers, slimfast, you name it. But the problem is I consume in excess. I logged my food about 7 months ago and I ate about 17,000 calories in the day. I'm probably guestimating I eat over 20,000 at this point becuase I keep gaining weight faster and faster. I'm scared I'll become Imomobile soon, what should I do?


Outpatient hospital update

Jul 14, 2022

6 days ago I weighed 768 Pounds, I am now admitted as an outpatient hospital patient and through a 1200 calorie a day diet, I've lost 26 pounds and I'm now 742 Pounds. I've had covid and I will be kept in the outpatient hospital for another week to see if I could be eligable for bypass surgery. I'm hoping I'll lose at least another 25 pounds.


Covid 19 as a 720+ man

Jun 04, 2022

Nearly 3 weeks ago I caught Covid-19 and I weighed 726 Pounds, I was hospitalized on a 1200 calorie a day diet for 4 days and my symptoms went away. In 4 days I lost 18 pounds but i gained back 16 pounds in the time after that and I'm sitting at 724 Pounds, I'm worried about catching covid again. I don't have the willpower to stop eating, but don't have the money to get surgery.


I've gained over 100 pounds in 6 months, I need help

Apr 23, 2022

Hi, I'm Dan Sobel I weigh as of now 720 pounds and recently I've had to weigh myself at a junkyard and it's so embarassing and it's making me want to eat more. About 6 months ago I weighed about 615 Pounds, I have a lymphedema mass growing in my groin and my waist is over 7 feet. I need help, no doctor will operate on a person over 600 let alone 700 Pounds.


I tracked everything I ate in a day w/ Calorie count

Jan 22, 2022

Hi, This is Dan Sobel here, I decided to track what I ate in a day just to show you how bad my addiction is.


dozen eggs (840 Calories)

a packet of cheddar (8 oz) (880 Calories)

1 Loaf of Bread (16 oz) (1140 Calories)

Oil (quite a lot to cook the eggs) (guestimate about 600 Calories)

Breakfast comes in at 3460 calories


1 Whole Pepperoni Pizza (2480 Calories)


6 Burgers (Bun 200 calories, Patty 350 calories, Cheese 100 Calories) (3900 Calories)

1 Family Sized fries (1400 Calories)

5300 Calorie Lunch


32 Oz Steak (Looked it up at about 2500 Calories)

1 family sized Doritos bag (about 2400 Calories)

4900 Calories


2 Pre packaged Carrot Cake Slices (550 Each) (1100 Calories)

Came out as 17,240 Calories in that day which was the 21st of January

I gained 3 Pounds that day to put it in perspective.





650 Pounds, Need Surgery

Jan 21, 2022

Hi, my name is Daniel Sobel, I'm 23 and I live in Dix Hills NY and I weigh about 650 Pounds. I'm 6'2" in height. In the last few months I've gained nearly 30 Pounds. I've gotten to a point where I can't walk much anymore. My daily diet includes Pizza, wings, burgers, cake and my favorite Macaroni and Cheese all washed down with Coke. I live with my Parents and need surgery but I can't find a doctor who will operate on someone my size. I was thinking of applying to My 600 Pound Life but that seems like too much of a hassle.

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