People Are Amusing!

Mar 05, 2010

I really am excited about the possibility of having surgery. I need it and I think that at this point its necessary. But you always have that  one party-pooper who goes "Oh you shouldn't!" I was first told to get the gastric bypass 5 years ago, I didn't listen. Over that 5 years I've gained about 140lbs. So obviously something needs to change. And I have insulin resistance (opposite of diabetes, my body makes too much insulin) and PCOS. So I think that this could be a really good change. And to me they are saying "oh diet and exercise, it works for every one!" Really? Then why aren't you skinny? or not over weight? Because ding ding ding! What do we have for her Johnny?! Not everyone can do it the old fashioned way! If I went out and walked too much I'd pop a lung. My back, and feet kills me. Everyone in my life is supportive of this "informed" decision. I just hate the fact that no matter what there is someone who just has to say something negative. Oh well I'm done ranting.. :0)


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