Stuart Verseman

"My first impression of him was of a very knowledgable, caring surgeon, who truly had the best interest of his patients at heart. He spent a lot of time with both my initial visits. He made sure I understood everyting involved and answered all my questions.rnHis office staff is the best. I've really only dealt with his RMA, Gwen and she is wonderful. She responds to all your questions and concerns She really helped \"bent over backwards\" to get me approved by my insurance.rnIf you don't know what is expected of you, pre and post-op, it's yur own fault. Dr. Verseman has you meet with a lot of other bariatric professionals who make sure that you know what is to be expected.rnSome people say he is a little conservative.rnBut, I don't mind that at all if it means giving you the best care. I really feel that way with him.rnHe has a warm sense of humor which really puts you at ease."

Borgess Medical Center

"The staff really went out of there way to make sure you were comfortable and had your needs met. My pain requests were prompmtly met. They went out of there way to give you warm blankets, like when I was waiting for my upper GI after surgery. The short-stay center is only a cople of years old. Private rooms which were comfortable. The staff seemed to be happy, attentive and very caring. I would strongly recommend this place. PS-my husband said the cafeteria was pretty bad."
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