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Hope all of you are doiong well and winning your daily battles.  I've was always told it's how you walk through the fire that counts !  I hear rumblings about a Season 3 for the TV show Skin Tight,...

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I hope some of you have been able to tune in TLC and see the great stories of Ashley, Julie. and Melissa. Unlike my days with Big Medicine, this show actually casts candidate patients rather than just come in to my practice and film whoever I happen t

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Had a request from the new Bay Area Regional hospital to give an informational seminar on plastic surgery, especially after weight loss. Curious if any local members from the board here would like to attend. Usually do these at 7pm. refreshments, book

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FINALLY in our new office ! - Its been a long road but we finally moved into our new Clear Lake location! Still have some little details to fix up (like getting our phones hooked up!), but we are good to go. A...

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Hi Tammy...it's been a while. Have someone give Lauren or...

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Cobweb Removal - It's been forever since I updated, and it seems like only yesterday that I began my involvement with OH.com but some of posts went back to 2003 !  I am glad to see that my choice t...

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Join Me on Facebook - Finally decided to keep my plastic surgery page up to date and inetractive so I will be able to post interesting articles and developements in plastic surgery plus interact with pa...

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Tons of Common plastic surgery Q and A 's - About 306 common questions from patients answered (and growing !) plus photos and reviews.   Answers from many other doctors too in every state, all baord-certified ! Click unde...
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