John Husted

"My first impression of Dr. Husted was that he seemed a little snotty, but I also felt complete confidence in him. My impression really did not change over time. rnDr. Husted’s office staff was really non-existent during my surgery process? Both were out having surgeries. So, the only communication was through email. Even that was a bit scarce and often confusing. rnThe thing that I liked least about Dr. Husted was the lack of communication with him and his staff. I think future patients should know that there will be little communication between them and the doctor.rnThe thing that I liked most about Dr. Husted was his ability to get things done quickly and correctly. Who could ask for more? Two five minute appointments and you will be scheduled for surgery. rnDr. Husted does not emphasize aftercare. I do not believe he has a structured aftercare program, at least not one that I was made aware of. I feel like I am completely on my own now. rnDr. Husted did explain the risks of surgery. His expertise in the area made the risks seem slim. rnI would rate Dr. Husted a 10, because he got the job done with no complications. rnAs far as I am concerned, surgical competence outweighs bedside manner any day!!!rn"

Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital

"My husband stayed with me. He was allowed to sleep in the other bed, which I have never seen a hospital allow. the nurse even brought him dinner, the night of my surgery. "
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