4 years & 8 months after my Vertical Sleeve

Jan 12, 2011

A quick update.

I had my VSG with Dr. Feng 4 years and 8 months ago.  I have not had any problem with my weight since my WLS.  I'm at 180 pounds now.  I work every day, EVERY DAY.  Between my firefighter job, rentals, and wood mill I am very busy.  My new goal is to try to make more time to get 3 meals a day.  I get busy and forget to eat and I do not want to lose any more weight.

I am healthy.  I just had my yearly physical and all my labs are perfect.

Glad I had my VSG!

Too much work to do

Feb 02, 2009

As if being a husband and dad to 3 kids was not enough, I am a Firefighter, have residential rentals to take care of and now I went out and bought (along with a partner) a commercial warehouse and property and the business that is in the warehouse.  So, now I work my 10 - 24 hour shifts at the Firehouse a month and almost every other day at the warehouse.  Good thing my family is patient.

My weight stays between 180-200 pounds.  Lately it has been closer to the 200 pound side.  Lots of stress, poor eating and different work-out routines all affect this.  I work-out at the gym about 5 times a week and I play soccer 2 times a week.  I have had some pretty good soccer injuries.  I just finished being on light duty at work due to a very badly dislocated ring finger.  Remember when playing soccer goalie to keep your fingers together tight.  OUCH!

I am glad that Michelle and I both had our VSGs.  We are so much more active now then before and we look and feel much better too. 

Life is BUSY - Life is GOOD

Sep 09, 2008

I'm still a firefighter (for about 10 more years anyway) and I still have my rental homes but now I am starting a new company too!  As if I have not been busy enough.  My partners and I bought some commercial property and buildings and we have big plans for them...I will update about that later.

I've been so busy lately that I have not been to the gym much.  I did start playing soccer 2 times a week though.  I really enjoy soccer, when I am not pulling my groin!  I run back and forth, up and down trying to block guys 1/2 my age and twice as good as me.  I definitely get my exercise and sometimes I even make a goal.

I took a couple vacations with the family even though I am so busy.  We went to Great America and rode all the roller coasters and did all the water slides. We went to the beach in Santa Cruz. We went camping, boating, jet skiing, fishing and bikeriding up at Lake of the Woods. That was fun.

My weight has gone up slightly from the drop in work outs and from eating too much candy and bad carbs.  I know I am a grazer and I push it too much.  Still my VSG and I seem to be working together to keep the weight down to where it is OK.  My co-morbs are still gone.  So, life is good.  I am still glad I had my VSG. 


Running Races and other exciting life events!

Mar 04, 2008

I have continued training and plan to run in a number of races again this Spring and Summer.  Last weekend I competed in a Firefighter Stairclimb in Seattle WA.  I put on about 10-15 pounds while training for the stairclimb, due to less running and more stairclimber and lots of weight training.  I think most of this weight is extra muscle that I am carrying!  I have a 5K race this weekend and will start to cut off some of the extra weight right away.  I am just a little heavy for the races!

I took snowboard lessons at Christmas and so now I have another new hobby to do with the kids.  I was worried I may break something or get really injured but it turns out other then being pretty sore for a bit, I am pretty good at it.  My 16 year old daughter and my 8 year old son are much more daring then me but I can out snowboard my 10 year old daughter!  I posted some pictures of snowboarding.

My wife finally gave up and joined the gym and now she is as addicted as I am.  I may have to hire a nanny, because she is at the gym for hours every day.  We try to go out on dates as often as we can get away.    We have also been busy with our rentals.  We just bought another small house and fixed it up a bit and got it rented and then another renter moved out and we had to go in and fix that one and get it re-rented.  These rentals keep us pretty busy.  We had alot of snow for a few weeks this winter, so I got to go out and use my new backhoe to move LOTS of snow.  Just one tip=do not drink and operate a backhoe!!

That is it for now.  I will update again later.  I am still thankful I had my VSG, it has changed my life in so many good ways.

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Running Races and other exciting life events!