I'm Losing!

Jul 07, 2018

Well, I've been going to the gym since July 5, and I hope that this time I reach my goal. I joined LA Fitness and decided to trying having a personal trainer to see if this time I can actually get rid of all the fat in my body that's making me so miserable. I start my first training on Monday, but I've been going to the gym everyday since I joined. I started off with the assessment that they did, and although it was only an assessment, it was a workout and I sweated, so I can say that I worked out on Thursday. Yesterday I walked on the treadmill for an hour and covered one mile, yay me. Today I went to the water aerobics class and had a blast. It was a lot of fun and I can actually feel my muscles being sore.

I've cut out all processed sugar, processed foods, table salt, fat and starch from my diet. I've taken to eating just chicken breast, ground turkey and fish (tilapia and salmon). I now eat greens and I'm hooked on all those delicious smoothies I make at home with fresh fruits, vegetables, and greens. Thanks youtube! I weighed myself today, and I'm down to 230, but when I was weighed at the gym when I signed up, the scale read 237 which was crazy because I had weighed myself in the morning and I was down to 234. I'm sticking to the numbers on my own scale. If the numbers on my scale are off, it's still a great motivator for me.

I bought a protein powder, but I really don't like it because I bought french vanilla flavor, and I just find it too sweet. I'm already used the the natural sugar from the fruits I use for my smoothies. I have no craving whatsoever for sweets, but I do have cravings for salty things once in a while. Whenever I crave something a bit salty, I'll eat a crispy tortilla, like the tortilla chips.

Let's see how this goes.




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